Dancing with Stars 2010 Cast: Kate Gosselin and Tony Dovolani

The dance reality show Dancing with the Stars 10th season will now be showcasing another set of dance champions pairing up with stars or celebrities. Short descriptions on each of the pair are needed for an overview of what this couple could bring in the entire competition. In here we will find out some unexpected facts about them. Will they make it to the top? or make their early exit as the show starts?

One of the pairs in the list is Kate Gosselin and Tony Dovolani. Between the two, Kate Gosselin is the most known. For those who don’t her, Kate is the star in the reality show Jon and Kate Plus 8 wherein it showcases her husband Jon Gosselin as they raised a family of sextuplets and a twin. She is registered nurse and worked as labor and delivery nurse at Reading Hospital until 2004. A woman who had multiple births has been so determined to bag the trophy of this event and prove to all that she can really dance.

Her pro partner is no other than Tony Dovolani, an Albanian American professional ballroom dancer. Has been champions so many times and has travelled around the world for it. He also appeared in the hit film Shall We Dance? as the Latin Bad boy and spent time coaching actress Jennifer Lopez. In the history of the Dance with the Stars series, he made it to the finals with partner Mellisa Rycroft from The Bachelor in the 8th season and got the 3rd place.

The couple has been praticing so hard. Dovolani aslo said that his his partner Kate has great potential and doesn’t have any bad habits. “One thing that she’s got, for sure, is drive. She’s a very good student. … She listens well.” he added.

Watch out for this pair as the season continues.

12 thoughts on “Dancing with Stars 2010 Cast: Kate Gosselin and Tony Dovolani

  1. Any one who goes on this site is a fat LOSER
    go do something good about your self…..
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  2. Deena Katz,

    Your decision to put Kate on is a big mistake. How you found her to be interesting is the biggest blunder anyone in your position could have made. As you found her husband (and I agree) to be most selfish individual, Kate is the same if not more then he.

    Since you feel the selection or invitation on having Kate on your show, I feel very disappointed and have made the decision that I along with many others will not participate in your show this season or for that matter any other further season.

    You have made huge mistake, I find her disgusting as do I find her husband to take advantage of kids. She should be ashamed of her self. Who is with her kids?


  3. Is it just me, or should Kate be at home with her kids instead of twinkling her toes? Being a mom who went through a divorce, I can tell you that the children are in desperate need of normalcy, love and most of all – time. It seems that Kate’s priorities are askewed. Perhaps she should evaluate her decisions a little better. So many people I talk to here in central PA, where she is from, feel as though her need for media attention has become her addiction. It was her decision to have eight children, and now it should be her responsibility to raise them – and in light of the chaos in their young lives, she should be dancing with them, at home, and loving every minute of it.

  4. Why all the flack against Kate? Every mom needs a break now and then. Besides it was Jon that screwed around and left her to raise the kids by herself. He can watch the kids while she dances. After all she was with the children while he was playing around. You go Kate, and have fun. My friends and I will be watching, as I am sure, a lot of other people will be too.

  5. Gooo KATE!!! I’m soo voting for you.

    All you pissy people need to get a life and get over it. Kate deserves a break to!

  6. Perhaps she is doing it for financial reasons. One way or another, she has to support her children and does not appear to be getting much help from her unemployed husband. Like many other mothers that works out of the home, it doesn’t matter if the children need her at home or she prefers to be at home, she has a responsibility to earn money to provide the children with shelter, food, medical care, etc. Can you imagine the overhead for eight children?

  7. It amazes me how she is criticized for doing a temporary show that could potentially bring money to her household-God knows her deadbeat husband doesn’t help much there.This is only temporary.Do you feel the same about Jon who is constantly vacationing(not getting paid)and moves to an entirely different STATE.Why is the mother the one who catches the flack here.And she is dancing with them at home part of the time -the practice is at her home in PA-is she suppose to stay chained to her home while the other half lives the single life(which by the way he did when they were married)geesh get off her back

  8. I agree with some people. Kate should definately NOT be on the show!! she’s trying to get out of the public eye & you can’t do that when you’re put on a show as big as Dancing with the Stars. She should be at home fixing her family & focusing on her children. No one else. She needs to stop being so selfish. The sextuplets are only 6. They need mommy around more often. A flight from Pennsylvania to California once EVERY week is way too much time away from her family. BAAADDDD choice on her part!!! p.s i used to FREAKIN ADORE the show before all that drama started happening. its a sad story & i hope God will take care of them that everything gets better.

  9. bravo for kate for doing this! she has to provide and support her family. after all the costs jon squandered on his selfish and lusty desires, kate has to do even more for the family. jon cannot even support himself let alone his eight kids… now that he dug himself a massive hole by looking like a big douce and sleazeball… so why bash kate for doing something even if it is for money for the family? i laugh at the thought of people telling her to get a real job now… there’s no more going back to normal after reality tv… i mean GET REAL people. you think after all this time with cameras following her around that she’s going to write a resume and apply for a ‘real’ job… go back to nursing?! would that kind of income even support her eight kids?! she’s on her own now after the divorce. jon won’t get off his ass cause all he thinks of is himself… so literally she’s flying solo… so if anything. i applaud her dedication, her hard work and perseverance despite the storm that is thrown at her. she’s making the best of the situation she’s in now… just because she’s working, going out there in the world to make some money doesn’t mean she is abandoning her kids or she doesn’t love them. go kate. screw all the critics! and if someone can find a better way to raise eight kids other than government assistance, sitting on their asses, or living from paycheck to paycheck then don’t say anything! it makes me laugh cause these are the very critics that envy a life that she has! almost everyone if not everyone has a little bit of wanting to be famous or rich inside. does anyone ever wonder why millions of ppl play the lottery everyday? this is the society and culture we built didn’t we? money is king isn’t it? it’s a sad situation for kate. you win some and you lose some. some people will never understand and always think the worst. i think she’s human and she’s trying her best. goo kate!! kate will probably never read this.. but to her… i hope she stays positive & strong! to do what she needs to do. i don’t know her finances. but maybe she needs money after what jon did. or maybe she just needs money for the kids or even to spoil herself once in a while. do what you want. live your life to the fullest. don’t let anyone bring you down.

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