Dairy Queen Cinnabon Taco Del Mar Starbucks Tax Day Freebies 2010

It’s Tax Day and what’s to cheer up for the day is availing the numerous freebies that await each and everyone. Well-known food establishments like Starbucks is giving free coffee for tax day. Dairy Queen are giving free samples of their products. Free tacos await visitors to Taco Del Mar. Cinnabon is handing out free cupcakes also for as a tax day freebie.

In order to help you readers in taking advantage of the wonderful tax day freebies, we are giving links to the Starbucks Store Locator, Taco Del Mar Store Locator, Cinnabon Store Locator and Dairy Queen Store Locator so that you can quickly claim your tax day freebies in your nearest area. We hope that we helped you in planning to enjoy the tax day freebies for April 15.

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