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Cris Angel’s Mind Freak Season 6 Starts on August

August 1, 2010 by · 2 Comments 

Cris Angel’s Mind Freak Season 6 Starts on August – Cris Angel, the well known magician and illusionist, will return with the new season of his show “Mind Freak” in A&E this coming August 4, 2010 at around 10PM.

Cris Angel’s Mind Freak features six one-hour episodes every Wednesday at 10PM for the whole month of August. The first episode entitled “Grand Canyon Death Jump” will have Cris attempt to jump the Grand Canyon on a hybrid motorcycle. The four other episodes entitled Luxor Walk, Cement Shoes, Smash, Levitation Vanish, and 100 Gone respectively will also be a sure hit as Cris Angel reveals another set of magic tricks to amuse his audience. You can watch a teaser video of what you should expect on this newest season of Mind Freak at Cris Angel.

As an avid fan of Cris Angel’s magic tricks, definitely, this is a must watch. What makes a great magician? As Cris Angel puts, it’s all about emotions, it’s all about connecting people. Will Cris Angel be successful in these magic tricks? Let’s all watch Season 6 of Mind Freak which starts on August 4 at 10PM ET only at A&E Network.

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    hey angel you in indonesian ha….


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