Cravings for a Cause: Nun Better Cookies

Craving for Cookies and are curious about the so-called Nun Better Cookies? Satisfy your cravings for a cause, order the much-demanded Nun Better Cookies for the Sisters of the Holy Spirit in Cleveland, Ohio. The cookies became famous in their association with the Cleveland Indians Baseball Team. During the slump years during the 80s of the team, the Sisters of the Holy Spirit constantly sends them the said cookies. The sisters also constantly sends the team during the 90s (their winning years).

What’s something to smile about the cookies are its main ingredients of prayer and love and made my prayerful fingers. Flavors such as Butterscotch, Cherry Crunch, Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, Lemon Crinkle, Snickerdoodle and Thumbprint are widely available for orders online.

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