Craigslist Dirty Ads: Women and Girls for sale

Craigslist accepts dirty ads, that’s why they are very popular and successful right now. Craigslist is getting more popular and popular nowadays, specially when the new struck about, you know, girls for sale. Craigslist has so many pages, sub pages and sub sub pages. That’s why this is the best place to post illegal business in subtle.

There are so many links, so many categories, and so many of anything. Because there are so many things happening at Craigslist, a lot of users didn’t notice that this website was also use for sex trafficking.

Right now, Craigslist is the number one rendezvous for those who are planning to buy women for their own pleasure.

It was reported that hundreds of buyers daily are doing these illegal transactions at Craiglist.

Craigslist is now very popular because of the free classified ads they offer to millions of users across the globe. t

Craigslist started to charge a fee of $10 USD for several ad types like erotic ads, real estate and several niche job ads.

James Buckmaster, CEO of Craigslist said that they’re not responsibile for the content of ads what users posts.

This might change in future as more and more attacks come from legal organizations as Craigslist business started to fall down because of these illegal activities happening inside Craigslist.

We’ll be updating more about Craigslist and how to buy women in Craigslist! Stay tuned!

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