Connecting Television and Internet With Google TV

On the Google TV ‘s official website, you will see their excitement on putting this up on everyone’s television set.  They claimed that there hasn’t been this excitement on TV for a long time and we would all feel like kids agian.

Google TV aims to get installed in home television sets where internet and TV gets combined.  A lot of other TV cable providers already offer browsing the net through home television sets but what’s unique about Google TV too is that you can install apps, just like you do on your smart phones.

Google TV has partnered with different companies such as Netflix, Amazon, Sony and many more for this to be made possible.  Now, you can watch YouTube directly on your TV screens., play farmville on TV, buy stuff on Amazon, watch online live stream feeds of football games and many more.  It has many more features that you might want to check out on their official Google TV website.

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