Computer Addiction Treatment Now Available

Technology development nowadays is unstoppable. People around the world are being connected because of technology. When you say technology is it always being paired up with the computer. Computer has brought a lot of help to everyone and somehow made our lives more convenient as ever.

However, technology is not all good. There are people who were not able to discipline themselves in using it. They tend to develop a certain disease out from it. It is called addiction. These people tend to spend a lot of hours playing computer games and browsing social networking sites. If they would be deprived from doing it, they would become “chronically agitated and irritable”.

The latter statement came from Dr Richard Graham, the founder of the treatment for this kind of disease. The treatment will focus on the SCREENAGERS or teenagers who happen to spend a lot of hours looking on the screens of their computers.

Graham’s treatment program lasts 28 days but is not through depriving the patient from using it. It is designed in three stages. It begins with psychotherapy designed to address the patient’s issues with face-to-face relationships.
The next stage is to unpick their relationship with technology and encourage them to switch it off, and finally they are encouraged to take part in both physical exercise and activities with family and friends.

At the moment the treatment is only available to private patients at the Capio Nightingale hospital, where Dr Graham is Lead Young Person’s Technology Addiction Consultant.

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