Companies Give Tax Freebies 2010 this Tax Day April 15

April 15, 2010 – As the last day of filing your tax returns to the IRS, different companies offer comfort in filling up those Tax Extension Forms 2010 by having their very own tax freebies this Tax Day 2010.

While some hate April 15 because of the hassle it brings to them in having to ‘cram’ filling up those Tax Extension Forms, several people actually love it because of the different tax freebies that companies offer in this Tax Day.

Two of the largest food chains offer tax freebies this Tax Day 2010 and these are coffee chain Starbucks and fastfood chain Mc Donald’s.

Starbucks Tax Freebie: As a treat to tax payers for being responsible citizens, Starbucks is giving away a tax freebie of free cup of coffee if you bring in a reusable mug to any of their locations.

Mc Donald’s Tax Freebie: Mc Donald’s on the other hand is offering a “buy one, get one free” tax freebie deal for their Southern Style chicken sandwich this Tax Day 2010.

IHOP Tax Freebie: IHOP, the breakfast food chain is offering a tax freebie 2010 by letting kids eat free from 4pm to 10pm for the entire month of April. Wow! This would save you a lot of meal expenses for your kids!

Cinnabon Tax Freebie:  For Cinnabon, you just need to be in their location between 6pm and 8pm on Tax Day April 15th and you’ll get two mini cupcakes for free!

MaggieMoo’s Tax Freebie: As a tax treat this Tax Day 2010, MaggieMoo’s is offering samples of its new ice cream pizzas between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. in 49 of its participating stores. Check their website for particular stores.

Boston Market Tax Freebie: In the case of Boston Market, buying one dinner plate would get you a second one free with a coupon from the restaurant’s Web site. Good Tax Day through Sunday.

Taco Del Mar Tax Freebie: In order to get Taco Del Mar’s tax freebie offer, you should visit the their web site and print out a “Taxes suck, tacos don’t” coupon for a free taco.

Oh, this is a lot of treat for loyal tax payers! Thanks for these companies. Avail of these tax freebies now this Tax Day 2010 and indulge yourself in some of your food cravings. Isn’t it Tax Day the time to enjoy food?

If you know any other tax freebies this Tax Day 2010 other than the aforementioned above, please comment below.

3 thoughts on “Companies Give Tax Freebies 2010 this Tax Day April 15

  1. stupid post. basically an advertisement for junk food companies.”tax day” sales are no more than what is usually offered at these spots, in fact Ihop offers free kids over month it seems from their billboards.

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