College Football Rankings 2010: Top 25 College Football Teams

College Football Rankings 2010: Top 25 College Football Teams – The first ever season College Football Rankings is due to be released Tuesday, September 7, 2010. As of now the only site with an updated College Football rankings is Yahoo! Sports. Let us take a look on how our favorite College Football teams fared in the Yahoo! Sports’ College Football Rankings 2010.

These College Football Rankings 2010 are based on the Yahoo! User rankings which is based on Yahoo! users. Here is the current college football rankings as of September 7, 2010 polled by Yahoo:

2.Ohio State
6.Boise State
8.Penn State
11.Miami (FL)
12.Virginia Tech
18.Brigham Young
19.Georgia Tech
21.Oklahoma State
22.Texas Tech
23.Florida State
25.West Virginia

You can view the complete results HERE.

The College Football 2010 Yahoo! rankings is similar to the Week 2 Rankings as polled for the Preseason from the AP and the USA Today. All of these three College Football rankings 2010 placed Alabama and Ohio State at number 1 and number 2 respectively. On the’s Power Rankings, Alabama and Ohio State enjoys the same rank.

Boise State Broncos’ ranks in the college football polls vary. They are ranked number 3 at the AP Top 25, ranked number 5 at USA on their college football rankings. Today, ranked number 6 in the Yahoo! User Rankings. Boise State is always on the top 5 of most other College Football rankings.

It is too early to say who has the advantage this season in College Football, perhaps in the next few weeks we will see who will get the advantage.

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