Chris Paul Seeks Trade To New York Knicks

The New York Knicks failed to sign LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade who have all decided to play together in Miami. So far they have landed one blue chip free agent in Amare Stoudemire. The NBA heartbreak team for years now may just bag another key player soon.

New Orleans Hornet Chris Paul is one possible candidate as he is reportedly demanding a trade to the Knicks, Orlando Magic or LA Lakers. The Hornets are on a decline, missing the playoffs in the 2010 NBA season. They ended the regular season with a losing 37-45 win-loss record.

It seems that the Knicks with new acquisition Stoudemire could be a good fit for Paul. The Lakers triangle offense would only inhibit Paul from displaying his great individual skills. Orlando Magic is a good option for Paul given its roster of talents that instantly puts them in title contention.

Paul signed up on a two-year extension with the Hornets thinking that they were title contenders. Now that he realizes are way past their peak, he appears to be taking the same route that LeBron James took… moving to a team with more potential to get deeper in the playoffs. Hornets management is set to have a meeting with the star point guard, hoping to sell a more attractive winning future for Chris Paul with his current team.

2 thoughts on “Chris Paul Seeks Trade To New York Knicks

  1. What makes you think CP3 would rather play in New York and have to wait another year at the possible hopes of acquiring Carmelo Anthony’s services over possibly winning right away by joining the Orlando Magic. Amar’e is pretty good but let’s not forget that Nash made him who he is and he is not the best forward in the league. Dwight Howard may arguably be the best center but at least there’s an argument. If CP3 wants to win right away, his best option is the Orlando Magic. If he wants to form another big three in New York, he should just wait it out another year and wait for Melo to commit to New York first. CP3 with New York would be 5th seed at best behind Miami, Orlando, Boston, and Chicago. CP3 in Orlando would instantly put it in contention for the top team in the playoffs. Dream on New York, learn to draft well and grow at least a couple of players instead of hoping to steal talents based on the idea that everyone wants to play in the bright lights. While Lebron James did Cleveland wrong by leaving, him not joining New York when it basically “whored” itself out for the past 2 years and tanking its games is by far the worst thing. At least Cleveland got a taste, New York was left high and dry with not even a single drop. Forget it, CP3 is not going to New York, he’s going to Orlando.

    1. Thanks for the comments. For one, they won’t be instant contenders even with Amare around. They would need another player like Melo and build a solid supporting cast. I don’t believe a trade with the Knicks right now is highly probable at this time. The Hornets would need a point guard in return and the Knicks have nothing to offer. Raymond Felton cannot be traded until December so that leaves the Hornets with no point guard options.

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