Chivas vs. Manchester United Results: Chivas Won at Score of 3-2

Chivas vs. Manchester United Results: Chivas Won at Score of 3-2 – The soccer match between Chivas vs. Manchester United held at the Omni Life Stadium in Guadalajara has just ended and it was Chivas who won the game at a score of 3-2.

Chivas’ Javier Hernandez was declared as the star player. More commonly known as Chicharito, he led Chivas to a score of 1-0 against Manchester United in the 8th minute after hitting a home ball from Adolfo Bautista. However, that lead did not last long as after just two minutes, Manchester United’s Chris Smalling also scored a goal pushing the score to a tie of 1-1.

Before the end of the first half of the game, in the 38th minute, Chivas took the lead again through Adolfo Bautista scoring a goal as he finished off a ball pass from Hector Reynoso with a right-footed shot. The first half ended with Chivas leading at a score of 2-1.

The second half of the game began and Chivas for the third time scored another goal through Hector Reynoso in the 59th minute pushing a two-point lead against Manchester United as he headed a corner kick from Michel Vazquez. The last goal went to Manchester United in the 80th minute through Nani as he scored on a service from Tom Cleverley with a touch of his right leg. Congratulations to Chivas!

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