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China’s Zhu Min Seen to Replace Dominique Strauss-Kahn at IMF

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Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s arrest over an alleged sexual assault on a maid at Sofitel Hotel in Manhattan has stakeholders people asking of who will take over his vacated position at the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Strauss-Khan was arrested for allegedly forcing a housekeeper at the said hotel to perform sex with him.  The wealthy French politician was arrested and sent to the notorious Rikers Island jail complex.  He however denied any truth to the said allegations.

The allegation coincided with the release of the result of a survey in France that highly favors Strauss-Khan against current French President Nicolas Sarkozy to the voting public.

The name that is picking up steam seen to replace the beleaguered former IMF chief is Zhu Min from China.

Zhu Min is the special adviser of Strauss-Khan.  He worked at the IMF in May 2010 after taking an executive position at the central bank of China.  He has also worked at the World Bank

In a report, another Chinese banker naming Zhou Xiaochuan is floated.

Four Europeans are also considered to be highly-qualified to take the powerful post.  They are Peer Steinbrueck and Axel Weber from Germany, Christine Lagarde from France and Klaus Regling.

Sought for comment about the possibility of working as the chief of IMF, Zhu Min only said,

“I have meetings all day.”

In the history of powerful international financial institutions, Europeans usually head the IMF while American lead the World Bank.

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