Chicago Cubs Tyler Colvin Video of Injury Impact


As you see on the video, Tyler Colvin was aiming to run for 3rd base when the bat had incidentally split the bat in two.  Tyler Colvin, playing for Chicago Cubs vs the Florida Marlins, did not expect this twist in the game.

Now, the man question here is (aside from is Tyler Colvin okay?) what kind of bats are they using?  Are they using old bats?  Are they  using substandard bats?  They should also be looking into that.  For the more important question, “Was Tyler Colvin’s injury serious?”  Well, however serious it is, it is being taken cared of by the doctors now as he was brought to the hospital already.  It may seem as though he didn’t look harmed in the video but how would you feel if a flying bat hit you?

On the upside, Tyler Colvin gets his name out on the news.  Not a lot of people may know who Tyler Colvin is except maybe for baseball fans and the Chicago Cubs, friends and family.  But hey, he’s on the news and on TV screens now and his name is out.  Just looking on the bright side.

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