Chez Gabriela Studio Owner Maria Gabriela Perez Arrested for Fraud

Maria Gabriela Perez, owner of Chez Gabriela Salon in Beverly Hills, was arrested on Wednesday after being charged with running up fraudulent credit card charges using the credit card information of celebrities like Liv Tyler, Jennifer Aniston, Anne Hathaway, Melanie Griffith and Scott Speedman.

These celebrities are said to be regular clients of the salon, which prides itself with, of all things, “privacy”. I guess we all know now that their so-called privacy is not an assurance they won’t bilk you or use your credit card information for their own benefit. (This is another good reason why I go to a barber, and Scott, I think you should too.)

When asked to comment on being a victim of the salon scam Jennifer Aniston remarked that it was so not cool and that she has stopped going to Chez Gabriela Studio.   

Apparently, Chez Gabriela Salon, or its owner, obtains the credit card information of said Hollywood Celebrities who availed of and paid for “legitimate” salon’s services. Maria Gabriela Perez then manually inputs the said card information to run up unauthorized charges.

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