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Cheap But Good Quality Tablet PC: Sylvania Android OS 2.1

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With all the technology breakthroughs in gizmos, it is no wonder if one itches to buy it. What hinders a buyer grabbing the newest gadget in stores is sufficiency of funds!

But one there’s thing that will really capture pockets of many, the Sylvania7-inch tablet. It is a cheap but good quality tablet PC running with Android OS 2.1 with a 7-inch screen display like Augen Tablet Color eBook Reader Gentouch. It is priced at $179.99 on Kmart.

Shopping for this gadget is made easy too. Just log on to KMART.

The Sylvania Android 2.1 tablet has a good quality control even if this is made in China.

There’s no multi-touch on this tablet. It has a 512MB RAM. It can run HD movies and 3D gaming. But what is disappointing is that it only has a 2GB internal storage expandable.

Sylvania Android OS 2.1 Tablet PC’s Best Features and Technical Specs
*Touch Screen
*Wireless Web Browsing
*6 Hour Battery
*7? High Res Screen (800 x 480 pixels)
*Ultra Light
*512MB RAM
*2GB Flash Memory
*Micro SD Card(Up to 16GB)
*Wifi Rieee 802.11 b/g
*2 Mini USB Slots
*HDMI output
*Android 2.1 OS
*Android Market Support

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