Chasing Cliff Lee

At least a dozen baseball teams are showing interest in Cliff Lee, the lefty star pitcher of the Mariners. The Reds, Phillies, Rangers, Twins, Rays and the Red Sox are just some of the teams reportedly have set their sights on Lee. The Seattle Mariners would not just give away without any yield of their own. Some prospects are in their radar screens although there have been feedback that Seattle seems to be asking for too much in return.

This is actually the third time that Cliff Lee is on the trading block in a span of one year. The Rangers, Yankees and Rays have dangled their best offer of minor leaguers. However, the Mariners are reported to be interested in the Rangers’ Justin Smoak.

The Twins are possibly the most serious among the teams at bagging Lee but Seattle could be asking for Kevin Slowey to be part of the deal. The Yankees are being asked to let go of three prospects. Whether they are willing to wheel and deal with the Mariners remains to be seen.

The other teams involved in the chase may have less to offer.

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