Charlotte Church Loves the Tone Smoking Gives to Her Voice

Anti-smoking advocates will surely raise a howl about this, especially since smoking has been widely publicized to have an adverse effect not only on one’s health but also on the quality of a person’s voice.

Hence, it comes as a surprise that for Welsh singer Charlotte Church, the effect is quite the contrary. As a matter of fact, she has recently revealed that she loves the tone smoking gives to her voice.

She disclosed, “… I quite like the tone it’s giving my voice, lots of lovely depth, and I haven’t lost the top end at all. That’s my excuse (for smoking).”

Church, 24, who has children (Ruby, three, and 21-month-old Dexter) with former fiance Gavin Henson, also revealed that she has given up drinking alcohol but has no plans to quit smoking anytime soon.

She was quoted as saying, “I’m not drinking these days, so you’ve got to have one vice. I’ll stop before my kids notice.”

Hmmm… I think a 3-year old would already notice (mine does), or maybe she was referring to her 21-month old.

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