Catherine Zeta-Jones Refuses To Accompany Michael Douglas to the Hospital

I know where she is coming from and I can feel her pain. This is why when Welsh Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones said she refuses to accompany husband, Michael Douglas to the hospital for chemotherapy and radiation treatments I was not at all surprised.

It is really hard seeing someone you love go through the pain of getting cancer treatments – actually any treatment for whatever illness entails pain. What more the man you are married to and is the father of your kids.

Zeta-Jones said, “I know maybe I should be stronger, but emotionally I just don’t want to see the man I love hooked to a chemo IV or lying motionless on a radiation table under a positioning mask.”

She added, she feared for her husband even before his condition was diagnosed because he was a heavy smoker. “It wasn’t a huge shock, I knew something was up, but the one thing that struck me first was: ‘This doesn’t happen to Michael Douglas.’ The hardest part is seeing his fatigue because Michael is never tired. I’m 25 years younger than him and he wears me out.”

Like Zeta-Jones, I’m hoping for the best for Michael Douglas. He is such a good actor.

2 thoughts on “Catherine Zeta-Jones Refuses To Accompany Michael Douglas to the Hospital

  1. As you’re well aware, Michael told Letterman last week that after a week of radiation and chemotherapy, he is experiencing pain in his mouth and having difficulty swallowing. Unfortunately, this is normal, because truth is 100% of head and neck cancer patients undergoing radiation get a side effect called oral mucositis. Oral mucositis is a breakdown of the oral skin causing many open sores in your mouth, down your throat and your esophagus. Patients describe it as similar to “swallowing razor blades” every time they eat or drink. Often times it becomes so severe that patients need to be pulled off treatment or get a feeding tube – both of which interferes with treatment outcome.

    Truth is – there is nothing on the market today that can help prevent/treat Michael’s pain, except for MuGard. MuGard is just about to launch live in the US so very few doctors know about it.

    BUT – the company has been very responsive in getting sample kits out to patients in need.

    I hope they can reach Michael’s people. He needs the best treatment made available to him.

  2. I pray that all those of us who know Michael, if only for his cinematic gifts,
    will also gift him with every power and prayer to fully recover his health
    as though it were our blessing.

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