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Diamond City Out; Diamond Planet In!

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If you’re one of those dreaming to have a pair diamond earring or perhaps a a diamond studded necklace well wish more as these things would only be a very small part of the recently discovered diamond planet. You’re reading it right, it’s not a diamond house nor a diamond city but a diamond planet. […]

Tallest Solar Tower to Rise in Arizona

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In the never-ending quest to find and create more energy to supply the ever increasing demands for sustainable and renewable power, more and more companies are tapping into the unlimited resources of the sun. There is just no possible way to drain its clean, free and readily available supply of light and heat regardless of […]

“Malleable” Biomaterial Suitable for Soft Facial Tissue Replacements

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There is no shortage of materials that can reliably be shaped and molded to replace hard components like bone when doing reconstructive surgery. But suitable replacement for soft tissues, particularly for facial use, is lacking. Those that are available leave much to be desired and are particularly problematic when used for correcting bigger deformities. But […]

A Robot Impervious to Landmines

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A new remote-controlled robot designed to clear landmines can withstand as much as 17 lbs. of explosives without sustaining any damage. Made of hardened steel, the Digger DTR D3 has a rotating tungsten hammer up front that digs about a foot into the ground and pulverizes things upon contact; including landmines, but not before detonating […]

Graphene, ‘Super Paper’ is Stronger Than Steel

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What is two times harder, six times lighter, ten times stronger than steel and totally recyclable? Graphene, that’s what. These advantages produce a next-generation material that can greatly improve aviation, automotive and other heavy industries by decreasing fuel requirements, and therefore, pollution. The University of Technology in Sydney, Australia revealed a new type of graphene […]

Heart Monitoring… There’s an App For That

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A new system under development holds a lot of promise in the area of monitoring our heart. The Human++ system is a wireless body area network (BAN) that creates a link between our body and Android smartphones. The current version is a dongle with a necklace. The lace is actually a low-powered ECG sensor that […]

Safe Drinking Water from Diesel Exhaust

October 12, 2016 by · 1 Comment 

A new condensation process being developed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory can recover water from burning diesel fuel. The process is efficient enough that it can produce up to 85% of water per unit of diesel while removing contamination and impurities making the water suitable for human consumption. The approach could also be adapted for […]

Nuclear Accident? Algae Might Help

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Recent scientific discovery could lead to efficient and effective clean up of nuclear accidents and radioactive spills like that of the Fukushima nuclear facility in Japan. It is known that algae can secrete drugs and biofuels but the research at Northwestern University has identified that the common algae, closterioum moniliferum, can turn strontium into crystals. […]

Paralyzed Man Started To Move After Implant to His Spine

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After four years of being paralyzed, Rob Summers, 25, finally gained the freedom to move after a successful implant operation of a group of doctors in Louisville, Kentucky. Summers encountered a car accident in 2006 leading to his paralysis from chest all the way down to his feet. After three years of physical theraphy, his […]

Leprosy Linked to Armadillos According to Study

September 25, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

A new study published by the New England Journal of Medicine points to Armadillo as the likely culprit behind the sudden increase of the number of leprosy cases in South America. Leprosy, caused by Mycobacterium leprae, is characterized by disfiguring skin lesions and peripheral nerve damage. The disease has been around since Biblical times, and was […]

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