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Antonio Vivaldi inspired today’s Google Doodle

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Google made another Doodle for Antonio Vivaldi because today is his birthday. So who the hell is Antonio Vivaldi and why he is worthy to have his very own Google doodle? There are so many musicians out there, but why did Google choose Vivaldi? Antonio Vivaldi was a Venetian baroque composer and priest, as well […]

Is Philanthropy Charity?

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“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” The old proverb – attributed to everyone from Lao Tzu to Maimonides – still holds as true today as it did in the past. It also highlights a fundamental difference between […]

A Rare Crocodile Was Found in Florida at St. Petersburg by Shondra Farner

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News reports came in where a rare crocodile was spotted by a resident named Shondra Farner at St. Petersburg in Florida. Shondra Farner found the rare crocodile in her own backyard by the community pond and reported it to Florida Seafood and Wildlife Conservation (FWC) Commission last Sunday, September 18, 2011. They had set a […]

Colleges in State of Washington Now Have Tuition Control

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In-state public university students in Washington may have to shoulder more of the costs of their education than ever before. This followed after a bill was passed by the Legislature last Tuesday that gives colleges and universities in Washington four years of control over their tuition fees. This means that the state can enjoy a […]

North Korea Has Built An Ultra-Modern Nuclear Facility

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According to New York Times, an American nuclear scientist said that North Korea secretly and speedily built a large new facility to enrich uranium. Siegfried Hecker, the scientist, told NY Times in an interview that he was “stunned” by the sophistication of the enrichment facility which included hundreds of newly installed centrifuges which he described […]

Anuradha Koirala Is CNN’s 2010 Hero Of The Year

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Anuradha Koirala was chosen as CNN’s 2010 Hero of the Year. Koirala is a member of a group who rescued more than 12,000 women and girls from sex slavery since 1993. With her organization, she has provided a loving home for these victims. A place for them to heal, go to school, learn a skill, […]

World’s Tallest Married Couple: The Hallquists

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Guinness World Records just recently announced its Tallest Married Couple in New York. Hailed from Stockton, California, Wayne and Laurie Hallquist stood proudly before the world as they receive such recognition. The couple sums a combined height of 13.44 feet (407.4 centimeters). Husband Wayne stands at 6 feet and 10.4 inches and wife Laurie at […]

Computer Gamers Can Save The World From Climate Change

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Computer Gamers Can Save The World From Climate Change – Computer gamers who like a challenge can now take on one of the toughest around: saving the entire planet, this time from climate change. “Fate of the World” is a game created as a strategy with a social conscience. It sees players try to protect […]

Manny Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito’s Fight For Their Countries’ Pride

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Two of the world’s greatest boxing fighters will be fighting for the glory of their countries at Dallas Cowboy Stadium on November 13, 2010. Singing the Lupang Hinirang, Philippine national anthem, is Ms. Zyrene Parsad. The latter was personally chosen by the Filipino pride himself, Congressman Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao. Lupang Hinirang Lyrics: (Filipino Version) Bayang […]

Time Magazine Has Named Its 25 Candidates for Person of The Year Award

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Time Magazine has named the 25 candidates for the annual selection of the Person of the Year Award. Who will likely be chosen to receive such recognition? Among the candidates were the famous Lady Gaga, who is also Google’s number 1 most popular woman, US President Barack Obama and the youngest person and the first […]

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