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Apple Event September 2010: Apple Announcement Now Live at

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Apple Event September 2010: Apple Announcement Now Live at – Today, September 1, 2010, millions of people are waiting for today’s Apple announcement which will be held live at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco California. The time of the live broadcast of the Apple event will start at 10am Pacific […]

MGM Grand chemical leak at pool creates pandemonium

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MGM Grand chemical leak at pool creates pandemonium – A chemical leak at the pool area of the MGM grand arena in Las Vegas created a pandemonium Friday. Metro Police were ordered to block off an area near the intersection of Audrie Street and Harmon Avenue after a chlorine leak occurred in the MGM Grand’s […]

Marcos Esparza Bofill: “Who’s the IRS?

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When a concerned friend told him that the IRS had sent him a $172 million tax bill, Marcos Esparza Bofill’s first reaction was, “Who’s the IRS?”. Bofill was a Spanish immigrant who was living in New York doing day trading. But, apparently he was not very good at it as he was barely making ends […]

New Home Sales Hit Record Low

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The Commerce Department said on Wednesday that new home sales fell 12.4 percent in July, the slowest pace on record since 1963. As a matter of fact, the past three months have been the worst on record for new home sales. Translated in layman’s terms, weak home sales mean fewer jobs in the construction industry, […]

FDA Egg Recall List Continues: More Egg Brands Are Being Recalled

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FDA Egg Recall List 2010: List of Recalled Egg Brands Due to Salmonella Outbreak- About 380 million eggs are included in the initial egg recall list issued by FDA and they had affected people, as well as businesses. Americans are now worried about buying eggs and most of them are avoiding eggs in general because […]

List of Recalled Eggs Grows to Over Half a Billion Eggs

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Egg Recall List Expanding: More Eggs Are Inluced in Egg Recall List – More and more eggs are being added to the eggs recall list. Initially, 380 million eggs have been reported to be included in the egg recall list. The cause of the recall points to a possible salmonella outbreak which come from the […]

Egg Recall Brands Includes Egg Recall Numbers From Two Egg Farms

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Egg Recall Brands Update: More Set of Egg Recall Numbers Included in Egg Recall – There has been a reported egg recall among some states in the US. Apparently, the eggs are affected by a bacteria known as Salmonella Entereditis. Thus the term “Salmonella eggs” surfaced. Accordingly, the affected eggs come from Wright County Egg […] is now officially acquired by the internet search giant Google

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The first to bring visual search shopping online is now officially owned by Google. Munjal Shah, CEO & Co-Founder of proudly announced in their website that they are now acquired by Google. has an average world wide Alexa traffic of 10,500. It spiked to 1000 for a single day last August 16, 2010, […]

Enjoying the Holidays with Texas Tax Free Weekend 2010

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It has been decided.  Governor Deval Patrick signed the tax-free holiday break for Massachusetts this 2010.  Shopping will once be again a very enjoyable leisure with taxes of just for this weekend of August 2010. This tax free shopping weekend is under the economic development bill.  Although this bill focuses on middle class housing and […]

500,000 Jobless Claims – The Highest in the Last Nine Months

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A government report released Thursday brought more bad news for the already struggling job-seekers in this equally struggling economy (I thought they said the recession is over?) – the number of unemployed Americans seeking financial lifeline and aid from the government has reached its highest level in nine months. According to the report released by […]

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