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Similac Formula Recalled by Abbott Laboratories this 2010

March 29, 2016 by · 2 Comments 

Abbott Laboratories issued a voluntary recall of their Similac infant formula after investigations reveal that it was contaminated with insect parts which could be harmful to those infants who will consume it. The recall could possibly affect up to 5 million Similac infant formulas sold in the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam and some countries […]

A Smart Vending Machine that Can Read Mind

March 21, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

A Smart Vending Machine that Can Read Mind- A new vending machine was installed in Shinagawa station in Tokyo. It offers drinking option by gauging your gender and age; and most of the time, the machine gets it right. The vending machines have built-in cameras that can focus on customers standing in front of them […]

Bloom Box of Bloom Energy As Shown at 60 Minutes

March 18, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

Bloom Box of Bloom Energy As Shown at 60 Minutes – More and more companies nowadays are investing in green technology to become energy efficient. One of the rising companies in this field is Bloom Energy, a company based in Sunnyvale California providing solid oxide fuel cell technology and products for distributed electricity and hydrogen […]

The current wave of New Zealand innovation

January 12, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

The arrival of the internet has facilitated a global marketplace that is now much less location-specific, and instead it relies upon innovation and creativity in the new digital age. So rather than innovation being focused upon the traditional economic powerhouses of North America, Europe and the Far East, digital developments have brought intriguing activity from […]

200 Chinese Pilots Faked Flying Records

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200 Chinese Pilots Faked Flying Records – After a controversy came out that more than 200 pilots lied about their experience, China is checking the qualifications of all its commercial pilots. The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) conducted an investigation. This new revelation follows the previous investigation which started last year. Half of the […]

It’s already Labor Day 2010! Where is the Tier 5 Extension?

December 21, 2015 by · 30 Comments 

Today is Labor Day and the whole nation commemorates Labor Day 2010 but where is the Tier 5 extension for 99ers? Most of these Americans have worked for so long and then all of a sudden because of economic recession they lost their job and now their present life and future is in peril. I […]

Quotes and Text Messages for the 2010 Labor Day

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Labor Day Quotes and Messages This Labor Day 2010- Today, September 6, 2010 is a Labor Day celebration in the United States. Labor Day 2010 brings us to a point to reflect on the welfare of the laborers and all workers. This welfare is not only concentrated on those who are working but also on […]

Labor Day 2010 Sales: Discounts From Other Retailers

December 18, 2015 by · 1 Comment 

Labor Day 2010 Sales From Other Retailers – In addition to the Labor Day Sales 2010 from big retailers, there are a lot more Labor Day 2010 Sales that will be going on this weekend. These sales are done because most of the workers will be on vacation and surely they will visit malls and […]

Steven Slater No Longer Employed with JetBlue

December 11, 2015 by · 1 Comment 

Despite the urging of thousands of online fans, JetBlue Airlines announced last Saturday that flight attendant Steven Slater is no longer employed with them.  JetBlue Spokeswoman Jenny Dervin said yesterday that the 38-year old Slater, from Queens, is no longer employed by the airline but declined to release further details. Slater gained folk-hero status last […]

Updated Egg Recall List 2010: Latest Egg Brands List Included in Salmonella Contamination Recall

December 5, 2015 by · 1 Comment 

Updated Egg Recall List 2010: Latest Egg Brands List Included in Salmonella Contamination Recall– More and more eggs are being tested by FDA everyday against possible salmonella contamination. The salmonella outbreak brought about by the millions of eggs being recalled continues. Initially, FDA found out that the eggs came from an Italian company Wright County […]

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