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Obama’s Wall Street Speech

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The United States of America’s president Barack Obama delivered his speech to several Wall Street executives. In the said meeting, thespeech that President Barack Obama was directly addressed to a number of CEO who were among the small audience at the Cooper Union. Among those who were present are Lloyd Blankfein, Gary Cohn, Robert Diamond, […]

The Best Deal Ever: Mass Save on Masssave Residential and Rebates

October 28, 2014 by · 3 Comments 

There is a Massive sale going on which was launched just today by massave.com/residential.  Big savings will be had on residential category and get rebates. The promo and the sale will run starting from today, April 22 up to May 5, 2010.  Don’t miss it out and check out the link to their website to […]

Finance Jumps into the 3D Bandwagon: The New 100 Dollar Bills

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“Dollar Dollar Bill Y’all” … as the song goes…  Just when we could never get tired of the latest in television, movies and gaming that has transformed into another dimension, the world of Finance also takes advantage with technology and set us out with yet another 3D security feature. 3D technology has been put to […]

Latest: The Truth About Goldman Sachs SEC lawsuit

October 21, 2014 by · 1 Comment 

The buzz on the Global World crisis that started in 2008 is not yet over.  Some stories have been told, experienced and shared by our favorite banks who struggled with the sub-prime crisis involvement in the investing scene.  One of the companies that stood still and firm despite the crisis and presented the most minor […]

Goldman Sachs 2010 First Quarter Report: Profit Reaching $3.5 Billion

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First Quarter of this year, covering up months of January to March, Goldman Sachs company reported an astonishing $3.5 billion profit. It also added that it paid its employees about $5.5 billion in compensation, equivalent to 43% of its revenue. It was just last week when the firm has been charged by SEC (Security Exchange […]

Citigroup First Quarter 2010 Earnings Results Announced

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One of the worst beaten banks in the US recession, Citigroup, today announced its first quarter 2010 earnings. Accordingly, the company made revenues of $25.4 billion or an equivalent net income of $4.4 billion. Profit was the highest since the second quarter of 2007 as bad-loan costs fell 16 percent to $8.37 billion. Citigroup’s first […]

Iceland Volcano News: Test Flights Increase Hope for European Air Traffic

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The huge ash cloud covering much of Europe’s atmosphere brought about by the Iceland volcano Eyjafjallajökull has paralyzed most of the flights in the European air traffic. In order to test the safety of flights, several European airline companies sent their test flights flying from one European country to another without passengers. Most of the pilots […]

No Charge for Carry-On Bags: Schumer Announced

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Sen. Charles Schumer has announced Sunday that there will be no charges for carry-on bags. He said that he personally contacted officials of major airline companies such as American Airlines, Delta Airlines, JetBlue, United Airlines and US Airways, and they committed not to give any charges. Last 2 weeks, Spirit Airlines became the first in […]

Toyota Sienna Recall in US and Canada

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It really seems hard to buy a car from Toyota Motors nowadays. You are not sure when will your car be included in the recall list of Toyota affected vehicles. From last year’s millions of recalled Toyota cars that include Prius, Camry, Matrix, etc. among others to the latest Lexus GX460, Toyota seems to continuously […]

SEC investigates Goldman Sachs Fraud in Mortgage Backed Securities

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Several investment banks are under investigations of the SEC in an effort to find out more about the recent subprime mortgage crisis which caused the recession in US. Among these investigations, SEC recently brought an allegation to public attention against top investment bank Goldman Sachs. Apparently, Goldman Sachs is involved in a fraud in the […]

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