Carlos Santana Proposes To Cindy Blackman

Music legend Carlos Santana proposed to drummer Cindy Blackman onstage on Friday night in the middle of a concert in Chicago, Illinois. The 62-year old guitar guru and his 50-year old drummer girlfriend kissed onstage to the cheers of the crowd.

Santana said, “Cindy and I are blessed to have found each other,” according to MTV News. “Being in love is a gift from the universe, and the spirit and vibrations that come with it are infinitely powerful. I look forward to expressing that incredible energy through my music, and in helping to tip the balance toward more love in the world with what Cindy and I share.”

Santana’s legendary career spans generations from hit songs such as “Oye Como Va”, “Black Magic Woman” to collaborations in his “Shaman” and “Supernatural” album. Cindy Blackman is a drummer and jazz percussionist who has worked with as a session drummer for jazz artists. She has also worked with Lenny Kravitz in his recordings and concert tours.

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