Cara Santa Maria and Bill Maher: Love is Blind?

Cara Santa Maria and Bill Maher: Love is Blind? – Well, Cara Santa Maria is getting much attention these days because of her seeming relationship with Bill Maher, the perennial bachelor who hosts HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher.

Cara Santa Maria is just probably in her twenties and seriously this young girl is one of the types of Maher. Santa Maria has her Master’s in neurobiology and is also a sometime model.

The talk show host had been linked to young women who at some point in their lives spent time at the famous Playboy Mansion. One of his previous girlfriend was Coco Johnson. Johnson was once Playboy’s “Cyber Girl of The Week.” Maher had also been linked to Karrine Steffans, whose resume includes work in porn films, strip clubs and music videos.

Is true love blind? Well wat can you say about Cara Santa Maria and Bill Maher?

One thought on “Cara Santa Maria and Bill Maher: Love is Blind?

  1. Saw her on Larry King. Not to bright with the tats and pierce in the lip. camera whore. for sure if she is fucking Bill Maher. If she is so smart why disfigure yourself with the ghetto tats.

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