Canadians Raise $2.9-million in Donation in Just a Week

After a United Nations declaration officially stating two parts of Somalia in East Africa is under a state of famine, and then followed by a wave of media interest and coverage, more of the world is being informed of the dreadful condition that is unfolding in that part of the globe.

And Canadians are stepping up in helping to bring aid to our famine-stricken fellowmen. Although this urge is essentially an innate response, it is helped by the federal governments pledge to match donations within a period of 10 weeks. After just a week, donations are already up at $2.9 million. And it’s still counting.

“The cause may be just, but Canadians need to actually know about it before they are able to donate anything,” said Nicolas Moyer, the coordinator of the Humanitarian Coalition which includes Care Canada, Save the Children, Plan Canada, Oxfam Canada and Oxfam-Quebec

All donations must be given only to recognized Canadian charities that are responding to the famine.

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