Cambodian Stampede caused more than 300 lives: Speculations on electrocution denied

What must have been a happy day turn out to be one of tragic events that had happened to the people in Cambodia!

Monday-As hundreds of people who went out of their homes and took part in a festival in the capital ended up with great lamentations and grief to the citizens of the country.

A stampede broke out in the said festival that costed more than 300 lives and hundreds of injured victims

As reported,festival goers were panic-stricken as they traversed through congested and densely packed bridge, prompted majority of them were crushed underfoot or fell over the sides during the final day of the Water festival.

An eye-witness who arrived shortly after the stampede broke out described the scene said, there were “bodies stacked on bodies”.

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen,expressed his lamentations and revealed that there were 339 people who have been killed and 329 were left wounded.

Moreover,according to the State television,that the majority of the fatality were women.Out of the 300+ victims,at least 240 of the victims were women,according to reports from two city hospitals.

In a report by Reuters,ambulances were at their optimum speed as they went back and forth between the river (the stampede scene) and the hospitals hours after the tragedy. Dead bodies and the heavily wounded victims were promptly taken away from the scene and what was left from what was supposed to be one of the main highlights of the festivities were an ocean of shoes and clothes which were left behind by the living and the dead.

Rescuers also looked around the vicinity and in the river to search for casualties that might have drowned or needs rescue.

Victims were rushed to Calmette hospital,Phnom Penh’s main medical facility,which were filled to box-office with bodies as well as patients, some of whom had to be treated in hallways. One doctor said the two major causes of death were suffocation and electrocution.

However,despite medical suggestions that some of the victims died out of electrocution by the lights installed on the bridge,the national government of Cambodia insisted that neither happened and no one was victimized with faulty wiring.

As projected,death figures may escalate as hospitals became overwhelmed with the staggering numbers of the heavily wounded.

The Prime Minister released a statement during third of three post-midnight live television broadcasts,stated that he had ordered an investigation and declared that Thursday would be a national day of mourning.

According to the Cambodian embassy official in Washington,4 million people had flooded on Phnom Penh for the three-day water festival, as the festival marks the end of the rainy season and with most anticipated traditional boat races as its main attraction.

Early Monday evening,the last race had ended.The pandemonium started later on Koh Pich Diamond Island, where a concert was being held. As the people pushed their way to escape the island, part of the crowd pushed on to a bridge, which also jammed up, with people falling under others and into the water.

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