Bugs Are Healthy Alternative Food

Bugs Are Healthy Alternative Food – A scientist from Netherlands, Arnold van Huis, has suggested bugs as a healthy, green, alternative food, saying it is time to break old eating habits.

He insisted that insect dishes could be the answer to the global food crisis, shrinking land and water resources and climate-changing carbon emissions. He also added that children don’t have a problem with eating insects.

Professor van Huis provides lectures, tastings and cookey classed with a master chef who prepares Dutch-farmed bugs. The scientist articulated: “The problem for adults is psychological and only tasting and experience can make them change their minds.”

According to a professor at Wageningen University, insects had more protein than cattle per bite, cost less to raise, consumed less water and did not have much of a carbon footprint.

As a matter of fact, insects are a long-established food in some parts of the world such as Mexico and Thailand.

The professor has been working with a local cookery school to produce a cookbook and suitable recipes, to encourage bug consumption. Chef Henk van Gurp has formulated recipes for meal worm quiche and chocolate pralines with buffalo worms. He sees no reason to disguise the ingredients.

He thinks that once international leading chefs begin preparing this food, others will follow. According to Margot Callis, it is good food, of high nutritional value and very healthy for elderly people.

Insects are already bred as foods for birds, lizards and monkeys at the Callis family’s farm near the university, and currently, the owners are eyeing the human market.

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