Broncos Acquire Laurence Maroney from Patriots

The New England Patriots could no longer wait for running back Laurence Maroney to live up to expectations. After being drafted 21st overall in the 2006 NFL Draft out of Minnesota, he was supposed to be the Patriots’ No.1 running back.  

In 2008, Maroney played only three games when he suffered a shoulder injury. A thigh injury caused him to miss the season opener for New England that they won against the Cincinnati Bengals 38-24.

In his four years with New England, Maroney compiled a total of 2,430 yards and 21 touchdowns. He also missed games in each season due to injuries. Maroney missed two games in 2006 due to a rib injury and three games in 2007 due to groin injury.

The trade between the Patriots and Broncos also involved future draft picks. The Broncos got a sixth round pick for 2011 from the Patriots while the Patriots received a fourth round draft pick from the Broncos.

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