Breakthrough With Tony Robbins

Breakthrough With Tony Robbins – Known motivational and inspirational speaker Tony Robbins has a new show in NBC called “Breakthrough With Tony Robbins” which debuted last night at 8PM Eastern Time.

Instead of the usual advises he give to big time people like entrepreneurs, world leaders, and leaders of different business groups, this new show of Tony Robbins focuses on ordinary people to help them face the challenges in their lives and ultimately alleviate their self-esteem.

In its first episode last night, “Breakthrough with Tony Robbins” featured a paralyzed man which eventually found freedom through the show. Upon the advise of Robbins, Frank Alioto, a quadriplegic married man jumped oustide a helicopter and skydived together with his wife Kristen. “Life can be rich, regardless of what’s happened to us on the outside,” Tony said.

The couple had a good time together. “It was the freest I’d felt since being told I was paralyzed”, Frank said. His wife Kristen added: “It was a moment that I’ll never forget. He was floating, and he didn’t feel that he had no legs. I’ll always picture that smile on his face.”

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