BP Oil Spill Live Feed Update: BP Placed New Oil Spill Cap to Stop Oil Spill

BP Oil Spill Live Feed Update: BP Placed New Oil Spill Cap to Stop Oil Spill – In an effort to permanently stop the oil spill from continuous leaking, BP placed a new 150,000 pound and 18-foot high oil spill cap.

According to BP,  the new oil spill cap seen through the live cam of the BP Oil Spill live feed, will be able to capture more oil and also withstand the pressure of both leaking gas and oil. BP plans to test the cap’s susceptibility to pressure by shutting down specific valves and closely monitoring it for about 6 to 48 hours.

The new oil spill cap which was lowered last Sunday, July 11 as seen in the image above by remote control robots, replaced the old cap that was originally placed in the Top Hat solution implemented by BP last May. With this new oil spill solution, oil leak will be tremendously reduced thereby allowing BP to funnel the gushing oil into vessels stationed near the Deepwater Horizon oil rig to finally get it out of the waters. BP is also building two relief wells in order to permanently fix the oil spill problem. However, this well will not be operational until mid-August.

8 thoughts on “BP Oil Spill Live Feed Update: BP Placed New Oil Spill Cap to Stop Oil Spill

  1. They should build a larger sealed room around the joint that has a sealed door. It this room should also be equipt with an emergency re-routing system for future repairs. We should not rely on that one cap. It will happen again.

  2. Happy Grazzz,

    Not sure if you read the article, or have any idea of what the plans are, but some time next month, they will have the well cemented in, and will produce from a new well. So, no matter what they do to this well today, what type of cap they put on it, it will only be useful for about another 30 days, at which time, the well will be sealed from the bottom up.

  3. This whole cap thing looks fake to me. If it was that easy then what took them so long to do it.

    Now they say that pipe may explode and blab blab. They have ruined our beaches more than 30000 cleanup workers are at the risk of getting sick.

  4. continue to collect oil until well is dead . the pressure with cap alone, will blow do to weekend parts left from explosion .also it will help with feeding the well. we cant take a chance. lets just stop the well flow and clean up at the same time, then come to any other thoughts, containment with a chimney per say to divert to tankers is a good idea on floor just in case any other faulty parts blow

  5. how many bp execs. would it take to plug this this? time you all rethink exactly where your headed with this. what would you say if i told you i have seen evidence of this mess off the coast of north carolina while fishing the gulf stream for dolphin and king mackeral

  6. Holding the High Hand!
    By Dwight Baker
    July 11, 2010

    High stakes poker has made and broke many a man. Often times the high hand was folded for fear struck at the heart and the man run from final card.

    All know that poker is in the luck of the cards and the luck of the draw. Yet on top of it all is the tenacity of the man who stands and cannot be run off regardless.

    Thus what is next for BP the top dog in the high hand poker game called the Macondo blowout. All the banter that has come along with all the BP hucksters, media publicist, high paid advertising junksters, pundits paid to lie, DC political ties, broken agendas, dying men, a gulf full of victims yet BP has stood and stood and stands with a losing hands. WHY?

    They have been a bit dumb all along, ruled by a bunch of belligerent self-righteous men BEAN COUNTERS who thought they could wield their power and seemed might against us in America who had been through blight after blight. Most of us had been starved out many times before by the old line Barons of Oil and Gas. While I was just one of them I took the blow out very personal as a jab in our Collective American Eye.

    Last night July 10,2010 on NBC Brian Williams went back to the start of the blow out and showed each step of the way with the BP actors in play that alluded to a high hand but when the time come to roll the cards over they run away the BP actors at that time vanished in mid air.

    Each time the so-called self-proclaimed and some appointed ones to head up the how to fix it game they have proved they were out of their league big time. President Obama thought wrong about higher education preparing a man or woman to fight the wars against Mother Nature in oil and gas. Now is that his fault for appointing the wrong folks? For sure it is. And without him fixing the problem at hand he will for sure be a long term Lame Duck. Banter and brag have long gone from rhetoric the American folks want to hear.

    I never threw cold water, as they stayed on their loosing hands I hoped beyond hope that some miracle would come along and save our Gulf with all its good people and great riches. And as their stupidity was revealed in what they proposed to work and did not, I continued to see the hypocrisy they stood on and knew in the end all they proposed would blow up in their final loosing hand.

    Now some of the other primary players in the Macondo blowout might have stepped far beyond their bounds and got too far entrenched with the BP GANGLAND THUGS to ever see the light of day again. What could that mean long term —- a shake up and shake down from top to the bottom of the heap of the big boys who thought they could Rape America and go Scott free. Time will tell and very soon we will see as the final hand goes down.

    Yet BP still does have the option to do things right —-right now. The Tame Nature Plan using an overshot is the only way to cure the blow out, suddenly with the power of gravity on the plans side and the unstoppable nature of mighty men who will stand on the deck of the mother ship and call all the shots knowing they hold Mother Nature at bay with a good laid out plan mighty machines and iron that can withstand the groans of high pressure and keep on working.

    The poor undone BP Brits have run from standing on the deck of the Mother Ship calling all the shots to run the Tame Nature Plan knowing what happened to the Deep Horizon that fatal night when the high-pressure oil and gas ripped and whipped the rig and men too shreds.

    So because of BP cowardly nature and devious acts our people and rich Gulf of Mexico has been under attack by Mother Nature that could have been controlled as early as March 13, 2010 when I first sent the Tame Nature Plan to BP.

    I have held the high hand from Providence for a very long time. And from the top of the heap in DC down to the lowest so-called folks in charge along the Gulf region that have seen the plan and most have just gone OH HUM. All I have got to say to each of them and as a group “To hell with your idiotic ways of trying to take care of oil and gas engineering business at hand”.

    Each of you that have been an actor and done wrong instead of right – now you have a lot of blood on your hands that will not wash off.
    By Dwight Baker
    July 11, 2010

    Relief wells by BP another lie.
    WHY? Facts:
    1. The blown out well has a flowing pressure of over 13,000-PSI, the volume stated is 100,000 barrels per day. Gas being produced is estimated to be 10 to 100 million cubic feet per day.
    2. Relief wells to drill into 9 5/8 –inch casing just above the 1300 foot of open hole where the flow of oil gas and some formation water is flowing.
    3. Using 5-inch drill pipe to pump down mud, glue other stuff and cement etc, the maximum that can be pumped is 100 barrels per minute at 15,000 PSI
    4. In a 24-hour period 14,440 barrels can be pumped NO MORE.
    5. Two wells about 30,000 barrels
    6. So what we are all waiting around on is to hear from BP GOSH WE MADE ANOTHER MISTAKE.
    7. And hear our poor misplaced Thad Allen or his replacement try to defend BP in all their idiotic non-oil and gas engineering ways not using common sense and reason.

    Sometimes simple math is all that is needed.
    Contact dbaker007@stx.rr.com for a copy of the Tame Nature Plan sent to you for asking. Full proof of how easy it is to stop the flow of oil in a week or less.

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