BP Oil Spill Live Feed Update: BP Carried Out Integrity Test on New Oil Spill Cap

BP Oil Spill Live Feed Update: BPĀ Carried Out Integrity Test on New Oil Spill Cap – BP is currently on pressure to find the latest oil spill solution that would put a permanent halt to the oil leak in Gulf of Mexico. Their credit ratings and stock prices have been badly affected by the oil spill notwithstanding the huge costs of oil spill claims from the government and from those injured. They have implemented various oil spill solutions in the past which includes the huge oil containment dome, the oil separators project of Kevin Costner, the top hat solution, and the LMRP containment system.

In its latest effort to contain the oil spill, BP is currently back into one of its first oil spill solutions. BP has implemented a new oil spill cap on the MC252 well to replace the previous one installed in the Lower Marine Riser Package or LMRP. This was done last Sunday June 11 as witnessed in the BP oil spill live feed where the live cam showed the new oil spill cap being lowered into the oil leak by remote robots.

Upon installation, BP is now set to start its so called integrity test to know if the oil spill cap can handle the pressure at such depths in the ocean floor. According to BP, this test will run between 6 to 48 hours. All of the test results will then be gathered to determine what are the next steps of BP to needed to do in case this oil spill solution failed once again.

Currently, the two oil spill containment vessels Q4000 and Helix Producer have recovered a combined amount of approximately 17,060 oil barrels from the oil leak.

6 thoughts on “BP Oil Spill Live Feed Update: BP Carried Out Integrity Test on New Oil Spill Cap

  1. After all the failed complicated oil spill solutions BP has tried so far, it’s time for them to try a simple solution which can have a huge impact on one of the dire consequences of the spill: oil in the ocean and on the beaches. I have encouraged people all over the web to share about Adria Brown’s Golden Retriever oil spill recovery solution that uses dried corn cobs, as can be seen on the webpage http://recovery.windenberger.com
    I have also pointed out that entertaining negative thoughts and emotions about the spill, BP and the government isn’t really helping things to move faster towards resolution, and I have encouraged everyone to create unconditional freedom from such mental and emotional reactions (meaning get rid of them even though they seem justified), so that real solutions can appear in the clarity of consciousness and powerful actions can be taken to promote and implement them.

    Dr Claude Windenberger
    Founder of the Unconditional Freedom Process

    1. you might as well stick a corn cob where the sun don’t shine for thats about all the good it will do!

  2. I am 52 years old. In my life time I have seen many things take place and transpire.However I’ve never seen such a disaster such as this. BP and all those involved should be brought up on charges, the US Government should stop pussy footing around and get someone that knows wtf. they are doing and resolve this situation.I am proud to be an American. But I must tell you we must look like a f—in joke to the rest of world. How in f–k can this country expect other countries to follow our lead if we can’t take care of ourselves?

  3. Obviously, it’s too soon to tell if the latest BP cap etc. will work as they planned. We can all hope and pray it works. A catastrophy of this magnitude will not heal itself slowly. Who knows what long term damage has been done to the ocean waters and marine life? Yes, of course, we all agree that BP is responsible for the damages, loss of fishing enterprises, toourism etc., not to mention credibility of offshore drilling. We would all agree I’m sure that other sources of energy must soon be utilized to keep the wheels of industry turning, and our daily consumption of it for personal uses such as our homes. Auto makers are working frantically to play catch up on fuel efficient transportation. I just hope they’re not too late.

    One of my questions is — aren’t we capable of producing enough natural gas and oil within our land boundaries, such as Oklahoma, Texas, Lousianna and many other pockets, to eliminate our need for offshore drilling? I’m speaking as a novice, of course, but a very concerned one. I know little of the inside scoop of the petroleum industry and never worked in the oil fields. I’m an entertainer and have always done this. Soo—

    Thanks for the opportunity to respond.

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