Boy George Ecstatic for Being Sober

Congratulations indeed! In Hollywood-land where maintaining sobriety is as hard as walking a straight line, Boy George has managed to stay sober and drug-free for more than two years now – and Boy George is ecstatic. In my book he has every right to be. Now if only his career can have a second lease on life as well… but let’s save that for another story.

Back to George’s sobriety, the singer has insisted that his decision to clean up is the “best thing” he has ever done. (Again, bravo!)

The former Culture Club singer vowed to tackle his drinking and drug-use demons in 2008 after he was arrested for assault and false imprisonment following a bust-up with a male model at his London flat.

He relates how often strangers frequently offer him booze – but the Karma Chameleon hit maker has managed to resist temptation by looking at how his friends behave when they are drunk. (It must have been one unsightly image that he has not slipped back into drunken stupor in two years. Lindsay Lohan and all other take notes!)

George was quoted as saying, “It’s the best thing I ever did. Once you have sort of made the decision to stop (it’s easy). It depends where it takes you. When you tell people you don’t drink, it freaks people out. They really try to make you drink. When you stop and see how it makes people behave, you think, ‘I’m so glad I am sober.”

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