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Box Jellyfish Sting Pictures of Australian Girl Rachael Shardlow

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Have you heard about the sea creature called Box Jellyfish? Be careful when swimming in beaches especially if it’s known to be box jellyfish-infested since they are considered as “the world’s most venomous creature.” Based on studies, box jellyfish is unique with the rest of the jellyfish species in that they possess true eyes, complete with retinas, corneas and lenses which enables them to see specific points of light.

Known as the “suckerpunch” of the sea, these box jellyfish thrive in tropical areas such as Northern Australia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Hawaii, Vietnam, the Caribbean.

Recently, we just had a report about a 10-year old Australian school girl named Rachael Shardlow who was stung by Box Jellyfish. Doctors in Australia were actually amazed at the recovery of this girl after suffering horrific injuries to her legs and body when she came into contact with box jellyfish while swimming in an estuary in Queensland, Australia, last December.

If you are curious on how a box jellyfish sting looks like, here is a picture we’ve found in the case of Rachael Shardlow:

Just by looking at this picture, you would know the extent of the damage done by the box jellyfish stings to her legs.

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3 Responses to “Box Jellyfish Sting Pictures of Australian Girl Rachael Shardlow”
  1. Frederica says:

    Did a ten year old write this article? You really need an editor!

  2. Literate says:

    …..or at least attend english classes.

  3. Ken says:

    This is a very average piece of writing. Is English not your first language ?

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