Botox Can Relieve Painful Spinal Headaches

Low cerebrospinal fluid headaches can be debilitating. Commonly, a lumbar puncture results in an internal fluid leak in the spine. The brain sags as the fluid leaks out. For many patients suffering from low CSF headaches, pain can be disabling. Currently available therapies are not totally effective. The only relief is from lying down. This means that it interferes with or prevents their daily activities.

Botox offers new hope to these patients and a case study has been presented by Mayo Clinic at the American Academy of Neurology meeting in Hawaii.

“We had been using Botox for several years for treatment of migraine and had been successful in many patients. And because we really didn’t have anything else to offer her, we gave her the Botox. To everybody’s surprise she made a remarkable improvement,” says Dr. Cutrer, a neurologist at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. A visual pain monitor confirms the pain’s reduction from eight to three in a 10-point scale.

The effect lasts for about three months before pain returns and would then need a new dose. Although it may not be a cure, patients can now live more normal lives.

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