Boston Marathon Registration for 2010 Now Open

The oldest running marathon in the world is now ready to run through its 115th year! The Boston Marathon 2011organizers recently opened their registration for the highly anticipated running event.

The Boston Marathon 2011 is scheduled on the 18th of April, 2011. It is expected that runners (including tourists) will participate in this fun-filled event with a cause. The registration fee for this year is $130 and is capped at 26,800 as what AP reports stated. There is a note though that age and the standard requirements must be met by September 30, 2010. Failure to comply with the needed requirements may result to disqualification.

Just as expected, there is a huge volume of interested runners scouting for more information and registration forms. You can check the official website of Boston Marathon for the complete list of requirements and online registration procedure. Happy Running for 2011!

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