Bobby Lashley Falls At Strikeforce: Houston

Strikeforce: Houston on Saturday night at the Toyota Center in Houston exposed Strikeforce heavyweight attraction Bobby Lashley’s weakness. It reminds us of a hyped up Kimbo Slice in the now defunct Elite XC outfit. Kimbo’s embarrassing loss to journeyman Seth Petruzelli led to the eventual demise of Elite XC.

Lashley may be different in a way since he has solid amateur wrestling credentials. While Lashley dominated his previous mixed martial arts fights, his opponents did not provide a good measure of how Lashley was progressing as an MMA fighter. His cardio was still suspect since most of his fights never went beyond the first round.

Chad Griggs survived the ground and pound of Bobby Lashely at Strikeforce: Houston, catching Lashley with a solid uppercut in the first round that opened a cut under the corner of Lashley’s left eye. Griggs caught Lashley again with repeated strikes towards the end of the second round until the referee declared a technical knockout. Lashley was clearly hurt and gassed out by then.

This recent loss for Lashley may put some questions on his fighting skills and conditioning. At this point he is still notches below UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar, a fellow professional wrestler who has crossed over to MMA.

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