RIM Announces Blackberry Torch Debut

A new version of the Blackberry is set to invade the smartphone market. Research In Motion, the telecommunications company behind Blackberry smartphones has come up with the Blackberry Torch that is both a touchscreen and QWERT keyboard model on Tuesday.  

The latest model from RIM has made significant upgrades. For one, the Blackberry Torch is the first of its kind to run 6 OS. The QWERTY keyboard comes out in a slide-out which is similar to the Palm Pre multimedia smartphone. The face of phone retains the four basic buttons of a Blackberry- Menu, Talk, Back and Power/End.

One of the commercial improvements in the Blackberry Torch is its improvement on the camera feature. In the past, Blackberry phones produced poor quality photos. The new Blackberry Torch now features a 5-megapixel camera that includes autofocus and image stabilization.

The Blackberry Torch is technologically enhanced to compete within the smartphone industry. The WebKit browser is one of the features of OS 6 which makes it competitive with the Android and Symbian S60.

CTO David Yach of RIM assured the audience at the press event that this new model will work with previous Blackberry applications.

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