Bing To Keep Up As Facebook Is Helping Out

A collaboration that aims to keep up with rivals. Search engine Bing now collaborates with Facebook as it brings searching into social networking. Microsoft and Facebook has joined hand in hand aiming to take over the market share of the search giant Google.

Bing users would be experience Facebook Instant Personalization as they us the engine. Say for example you will be typing a certain keyword, the results would include people from your Facebook friends who have liked it. In cases that you would be searching for people in Bing, it would include people having the searched name in Facebook and the Bing user has the option the person immediately as his/her friend.

As this news was posted in Mashable, most of comments are quite negative and some are saying they are doubting this collaboration could make it through. However, this team up could somehow help out Bing in keeping up with its rivals. Almost everyone has a Facebook account and seeing them liking what you’re searching is something intriguing.

Let’s just all hope that their team up wold result to something that could boost each others popularity. Although Facebook is already popular, it still needs to maintain its post as much as Bing needs to bring out its best a lot more.

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