Bible Twitter: Translating a Bible Chapter into a Tweet

A devoted Christian named Chris Juby, who is 30 year old freelance web developer and director of worship at King’s church in Durham decided to convert the long chapter of the Bible into a 140 character tweet. Everyday he would tweet his own summary of the chapter. He started this mission last week and now on the chapter 7 of Genesis.

Juby has been using twitter just to update his life and his songs. He realized that majority of the population in this world has been very busy everyday yet still finds time to updated their social networking account such as Facebook and Twitter. To make his tweets useful, a Bible Chapter tweet would be the coolest thing to do.

“It is my normal habit to read a chapter of the Bible each morning and I always read through from Genesis to Revelation. As I was coming to the end last time, I thought I needed a way of focusing my mind a little bit more on what I was reading. I already use Twitter to comment on my life and music, so I thought I would share my summaries.”

You can follow his twitter account at Having this mission is quite inspiring, however it prevents an individual to have their own devotional wherein you really open the Bible and reflect on the chapters personally. Somehow, Juby serves as an inspiration .

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