Best Pumpkin Carving Ideas, Designs, Templates, Stencils Patterns and Pumpkin Faces

It’s personally one of my favorite celebrations in a year.  I love dressing up and pretend to be someone else and Halloween is the only time I have the excuse to wear those stuff I want to.

It’s the same with everyone who loves Halloween.  There’s only about 20 days left and everyone is preparing party themes worldwide!  There are also tons of Pumpkin Carving contests everywhere and this is right about the time where everyone is trying to search for Pumpkin Carving Templates and Pumpkin Carving Stencils online.

It’s so easy to cheat now with dozens of Pumpkin Carving designs you can see online from Skulls, Frankenstien, scary faces, monkeys, ribbons, bunnies and even Obama.  It’s crazy, you can almost put anything on your pumpkins.  One site that has many Pumpkin Carving Templates to offer is eHow website.  They have tons of printable Pumpkin Carving  Stencils  designs templates and pumpkin carving pencil-throughs that are readily available for printing and carving.

Here are our favorite Pumpkin Carving designs and patterns from eHow’s website.

1. Tin Man pumpkin carving design looks cute and should be adored by kids.

2. The Alien design looks simple but elegant.  It might not look like the easiest to carve for beginners though because it requires a nice curve.

3.  The Zigzag Scary / Spooky Face Pumpkin Template looks scary!  It looks complicated but this is more easy to follow since it’s all zigzags and lines.

4.  Last, but not the least, is the Cat-Moon Pumpkin Template Design.  This design is more girly and cute.

Check out other Pumpkin Carving Design Ideas. Have you planned out your Halloween parties yet?  Do you have a gnarly design for Pumpkin Carving on your mind?  Do let us know and share with us in the comments below.

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