Best Hubble Telescope Photo Images from Google Earth

The Google Doodle featured the 20th anniversary of the launching of the space telescope named “Hubble Telescope” which was carried into orbit in April 23, 1990 and was named after American astronomer Edwin Hubble.

Accordingly, Hubble Telescope was one of the most vital tool of NASA to observe the space and to pursue further studies in astronomy. What’s make Hubble amazing though was the fact that it was the only telescope ever designed to be serviced in space by astronauts.

Since its launch, the Hubble Telescope had six servicing missions from Space Shuttle Endeavour launched in December 1993 up to the most recent Space Shuttle Atlantis launched last May 2009 capturing over 570,000 images of around 30,000 celestial objects in the universe.

Hubble Telescope has provided various scientists and astronomers with astounding photos and images in space making it possible for them to publish more than 8,700 scientific papers. It has revealed some interesting photos and pictures of different galaxies and nebulae resembling different shapes of objects here in planet Earth.

If you’re looking for some of the most famous Hubble Space Telescope photos and images, we have prepared some of them. One of Hubble’s most famous photos called “Pillars of Creation” showed stars forming in the Eagle Nebula as shown below.

In this Hubble image, the telescope showed pillars of star-forming gas and dust within the nebula.

In addition to the famous photo above, here is an additional exciting image from Hubble Telescope called the “Horsehead Nebula” which resembled that of a horse’s head from the shape of its swirling cloud of dark dust and gases.

Another interesting photo captured by the Hubble Telescope was the “Helix Nebula” which was considered to be among one of the closest nebulae on Earth.

Resembling that of a human eye, the photo of the “Helix Nebula” above has often been referred to as the Eye of God watching us here on planet Earth.

Another magnificent photo caught by Hubble Telescope which is called the “Butterfly Nebula”.

Butterly Nebula is one of the hottest stars located in our own galaxy, Milky Way with an estimated temperature of 220,000 degrees celsius.

Moreover, if you’re familiar with the movie Lord of the Rings, this type of Nebula called the Mystic Mountain from “Carina Nebula” resembles that of the bizaare landscape of the mountain in that movie.

Furthermore, the photo of the “Crab Nebula” considered as the single most interesting object as well as one of the most studied in all of astronomy is shown below:

Finally, here is another famous Hubble Telescope photo which resembles the image of a ghost. Thus, the name “Ghost Head Nebula” is used.

According to NASA, this nebula is one of a chain of star-forming regions lying south of the 30 Doradus nebula in the Large Magellanic Cloud. Two bright regions (the ‘eyes of the ghost’) are very hot, glowing ‘blobs’ of hydrogen and oxygen.

For more space photos which revealed some of the most interesting nebula in space, you can visit  huge collection of Hubble Telescope images from Google Earth here. Hubble Telescope is truly one of the best and most advanced invention in space technology.

However, with the huge maintenance costs involving its operations, the question now lies on up until when can this Hubble Telescope be in space to give us more wonderful space photos and images.

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  1. Space historians will view April 2010, as a turning point, in how humans view themselves in relationship with the Cosmos. The Hubble Space Telescope was the beginning of our point of view, via synthetic eyes in space. The many photographs taken by Hubble, now include our testimony to the “Pillars Of Creation.

    President Barack Hussein Obama recently explained his vision on how America’s Spirit of Discovery, should proceed for generations to come. The president’s views on our planet’s self-preservation, is our new goal in space, that is also good for business and jobs. The knowledge of a human extinction threat is also a good motivator for proceeding with expedience.

    The United States of America has made many high technology advancements since the Apollo landings on the moon. Speaking of such; R2 an artificial companion, will soon accompany human astronauts, during the last 3 of 5 Space Shuttle missions to the International Space Station. Robots will definitely play an essential role in our new goal to reach, and interface with a Near Earth Object [NEO].

    Investors in companies involved in robotics, advanced metals, and propulsion, are but a few examples of the essential roles business will play, on making our goal on building a Planetary Defense a reality. Business with a self-preservation view, will be the driving force in making our first human accompanied with artificial companions, visit to an asteroid NEO, fact, not science fiction.

    History has taught us, that innovations in space technology, are dependent on a far reaching goal, that will drive all other advancements, during the journey forward. NEO’s Planetary Defense should be the primary goal of any advanced civilization, once the Reality of the Cosmos comes into clear view. April is a good time to reflect on our Hubble views, new space goal, and the promises of an even greater prosperity that will be included.

    Arturo Jabra’il Sancho ~ Arco, ID

  2. It’s too bad that manned space flight has been canceled by the Obama administration. I was looking forward to returning to the moon and preparing for the trip to Mars. Now, we’ll be on the sidelines watching the Chinese militarize space. They will put up an orbiting weapons platform and they have plans for a base on the moon. Their space program is 100% military. We are going lose our lead in space technology and exploration due to the short sightedness of President Obama. Every advancement NASA has made builds on the experiences and achievements of the ones before. We cannot simply quit and let the civilian world take over. They don’t have the experience, the facilities, the institutional knowledge, the 50 year database of lessons learned. Plus, we must keep pace with the Chinese in case they threaten us or our allies around the world. To do anything less is irresponsible. I am so disappointed in this administration.

    Erik L. Thiesmeyer
    Grover Beach, CA

  3. You think manned space flight will somehow keep us ahead in the race to militarize space? The majority of our total space budget (including black programs) has always been for the military and Obama’s policy announcement does not change that. The X-37B, NRO satellites, directed energy weapons and Groom/TTR amount to tens of billions per year on direct space funding. The military runs this country, so don’t worry yourself about “falling behind”.

  4. Hubble, years to come? Ha!!! They are planning to crash it into the earth because they’re are “planning” to send up a new one.

    Reast in peace (or peaces) old friend.

  5. i would love to see if man explores space and mars in my lifetime. anyway, happy birthday Hubble.., want and love to see more from you over coming years. wish a long life. hubble is only one first telescope which explored the deepest space and enabled us to learn more about mysteries of space.

  6. There should not be cut back on NASA fund for space exploration. It should be replenish to meet its desired outcomes. I hope Obama administration has some contingency plans to meet NASA’s requirements. We want to explore the space to ever possible extent and hope tax payers get full refund of their money by enabling them to see what is beyond.

  7. The last time I looked up at a moonless sky at night it looked real black with pin-hole sized lights poking through.

    So who gets to photoshop the Hubble photos?

  8. If your mad about it, you need to blame the Bush administration. They’re the ones who ripped us all off, killed the economy putting us in the position we are now. Omama is just tring to undo the problems Bush, made. How quickly some people forget.

  9. Here in the USA, we should make a constituational ammendment to allocate 5% of our GDP every year towards space exploration in its many forms.

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  12. would love to see if man explores space and mars in my lifetime. anyway, happy birthday Hubble.., want and love to see more from you over coming years. wish a long life. hubble is only one first telescope which explored the deepest space and enabled us to learn more about mysteries of space.
    noor ahmad zahri badah larkana, sindh pakistan…….

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