BBC App Now in iPhone

The news site BBC has finally made its way into Apple’s iPhone and iPad in the United Kingdom. BBC has announced that they would have their application in Apple’s gadgets in UK

It has been delayed several times due to a lot of scrutiny because it would be a threat to the newspaper industry. The corporation would “damage the nascent market” for apps by entering the market with a free product. This has been the reaction of the Newspaper Publishers Association (NPA) earlier this year.

“The concern the newspaper industry has is that the survival of our big independent news organisations largely depends on them being able to make money from new platforms other than print,” said Dominic Ponsford, editor of Press Gazette. -BBC

Nowadays, most people have mobile phones and as much as possible they would want to be updated with what is happening in the world in the most convenient way. Having applications such as sites like BBC allows a person to be updated wherever is he/she maybe. It might be a threat to the newspaper industry but we are already in the modern era and we need to upgrade ourselves as well. It may be dooms day for them but it would all boil down to one important thing, everyone deserves to know what’s happening in the world and that’s the use of media in whatever form it may be.

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