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Bachelor President Of The Philippines Celebrates 52nd Birthday

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A man whose parents fought for the country’s democracy and now running the entire country Philippines as president, Benigno S. Aquino III has reached the age 52.

Normally, 52 is an age of a married man but President “Noy” Aquino is a bachelor to behold. Some are saying he chose to become one when he won the presidency and rather concentrated on how he would govern the entire nation.

President Noy is the third of five children of the martyred Senator Benigno S. Aquino Jr. and former President Corazon Cojuangco Aquino. After the death of his mom, he took over the presidential candidacy and gained the votes of the people.

His love life has been one of the most talked about topics since he stepped into office as the nation has been looking forward who’s going to be the lucky first lady.

His sister Kris Aquino who happens to be a media personality begged to the public to just spare the president from these things but she just can’t control it. Being the president of the country, having a private life is very impossible. People nowadays are well equipped with the technology that even cellphones can capture candid pictures and immediately share it to the social networking sites. The press are also utilizing multimedia reporting for faster transmission of news. Some are even looking for multimedia training school Philippines online for further studies. That’s why, every move of the President has been monitored.

The following are the significant legislation that he signed as listed by Manila Bulletins’s website.

1. Republic Act (RA) 10149, GOCC Governance Act of 2011, which seeks to curb abuses in government firms.

2. RA 10150, amending the Electric Power Industry Reform Act.

3. RA 10151, allowing the employment of night workers.

4. RA 10152, providing for mandatory basic immunization services for infants and children.

5. RA 10153, synchronizing the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao’s election with national and local polls.

6. RA 10154, to ensure the early release of retirement pay, pensions, gratuities of retiring government employees.

7. RA 10157, institutionalizing the Kindergarten education into the Basic Education System.

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