Awareness! The Life-Saving iOS App announced and released!

Essency announced the release and immediate availability of Awareness! The Headphone App 1.1 for iOS today. Awareness allows users to listen to their music with complete peace of mind, knowing that important sounds like warnings, shouts, sirens, alarms or conversations, will never be missed. It is a unique new class of functional headphone app.

Awareness uses the built-in microphone on the iPhone and iPod touch to make headphones better and more practical to use.

Users can hear whats going on around them, while they’re listening to music and they can set precisely the amount and type of external sound they want delivered into their headphone mix.

With increasing numbers of people using in-ear and closed headphones, there are serious safety issues caused by their isolation from the world around them. This leads to recent headlines like, the teen killed by car while wearing headphones, headphone wearing jogger killed by plane, and the teacher killed by tram while listening to headphones. With Awareness, these problems will be solved.

Awareness! will allow users to listen to their music at whatever volume they choose but, able to remain fully aware of your surroundings. It’s the essential app for music listening pedestrians, drivers, cyclists and bikers who need audio awareness for safety’s sake.

Buy Awareness! now for only $4.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies). This app is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Music category.

If you’re interested to buy this incredibly awesome new app for iOS, you can purchase and download Awareness here.

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