Avatar vs The Hurt Locker Fans Discuss the Oscars 2010 Results

Technically, I would not really say “Fans” of Avatar and The Hurt Locker voted against each other.  Some of the people who commented here on our live blog shared their insights on the Oscars 2010.  If I were to tally the votes from the people who commented at World Correspondents I would say that the votes go half and half.

To the more unbiased people shared very deep insights about the results of the Oscars 2010.  Some movie critics think that The Hurt Locker indeed was a very good film but, the question that they ask is “How can The Hurt Locker be a greater achievement than the big movie Avatar that created a whole new buzz, a whole new world to our imagination?

Another movie reviewer said that The Hurt Locker and Avatar were very good films which are very hard to compare.  He thought that The Hurt Locker was more in-tune with the current world climate.  Hurt Locker is the real world, the one happening to our very own like the wars in Iraq.  Avatar, is just a fantasy world called Pandura.  Kathryn Bigelow really put something out there with great substance.

*photocredit to sindhtoday.net

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