Avatar Sequel Would Be 6.8 Miles Underwater

Who among us here wasn’t able to watch the ambitious film Avatar? I guess no one, if ever there was, then that person might be living in a place where cinemas and internet don’t exist. The most successful film so far which has raked nearly two billion dollars at the box office. The film was truly amazing and it just rightful to say that Cameron was able to create a whole new fantasy world.

A lot has been waiting for the sequel of the film. If not as great as the first, it would be greater for sure. Now here’s a slight hint of its plot. Cameron is planning to have the sequel 6.8 miles underwater and aims to present more on the seas of Pandora, the fantasy place of Avatar. If he would be able to do it, he would at the same time win a $10 million X-Prize. This prize was last given to the first team who managed to privately fund a manned spacecraft and launch it out of Earth’s atmosphere. Now it’s going to the first private crew to make two manned dives to the deepest surveyed point in all of Earth’s oceans, the Challenger Deep.

No wonder Cameron could achieve a great sequel. Such brilliant mind will not settle for something mediocre in the world of films. The world now awaits for the great sequel.

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