Automotive Sales Post Growth In July

The month of July showed the second highest sales record since economic downturn in September 2008. Sales numbers to date indicate that July sales rank only second to August 2009, when Cash for Clunkers caused the uptick in sales.

According to George Pipas, director of sales analysis for Ford, the estimated consumer sales growth was at a mere 1% and fleet sales up 35%. This only goes to show that consumers are still cautious at this time.

Volvo suffered from a sales decline of 32% while Ford sales did not meet their prior forecast. What accounted for sales at Ford was a mix of the new Ford Super Duty pickup truck and low volume sales on cheaper units to car rental businesses.

Toyota Motors is currently down 3% from last year, placing third in sales across the United States. The only other company that has a year-over-year decline is Honda, posting a 2% decline.

Wrangler sales are up more than 100% while Chrysler has exceeded their expectations.

Nissan posted a gain of 15% in sales but did not meet their forecasted volume.

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