Autistic Kid with Perfect Bracket on 2010 NCAA “March Madness” Basketball Tournament

We’ve heard a lot of autistic people. They have their own world. They rarely socialize with people and they do things on their own.

However, of all autistic children, there is one child who got the media attention in the world of NCAA Basketball Tournament.

Accordingly, Alex Hermann, an autistic kid had so far a perfect bracket on the 2010 NCAA Basketball Tournament. No one knows how this 17-year old autistic kid from Chicago did it but his parents claim that he is gifted with skills in statictics.

So far, Alex’s bracket is perfect with nearly 48 winning basketball teams guessed correctly. So what are the picks of this autistic kid in the NCAA Basketball Tournament?

This autistic kid predicted that Northern Iowa would beat the Kansas Jayhawks. He also picked Ohio to knock off Georgetown. And Cornell to knock off Wisconsin. In fact, he picked every winning basketball team through the first two rounds of the basketball tournament correctly.

According to some analysts and statisticians, the odds of doing it is 1 in 13 million. In an effort to join the craze of guessing the perfect bracket in which some sports betting sites offer huge prizes, Alex entered his bracket on’s NCAA basketball tournament bracket challenge.

His 24-year-old brother named Andrew helped him enter his picks into CBS’ bracket manager. Let’s see if Alex would really get a perfect bracket until the final match in which he picked basketball team ‘Purdue’ as the National Championship winner of the 2010 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.

Meanwhile, if you are curious on how do Alex’s 2010 NCAA basketball tournament perfect bracket looks like, you can view the bracket below:

5 thoughts on “Autistic Kid with Perfect Bracket on 2010 NCAA “March Madness” Basketball Tournament

  1. This is so amazing and I cannot imagine how proud Alex is of himself!! The one thing that really annoys me from the article and even the headline is your wording. There are not austic people/austic kids/austic children, these are children/kids/people with austism. I hope you can see the difference and the fact that you are labeling people with austism.

  2. Haha, yeah he’s so good. Well, that pick of Syracuse is shot. Funny how his picks were perfect for the games already played but the next game he misses already.

    This kid is BS.

  3. We first see this after the first two rounds. The site that manages has been quoted as saying they don’t monitor late entries. So funny how after we see his ‘perfect’ two rounds (that quite possibly could’ve been entered after the games) this guy’s gone to total crap.

    If it were a picture I’d yell PHOTOSHOP =) But I’ll just call BS on this one.

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