Who Will Be The Next Model To Wear The Year’s Fantasy Bra of Victoria Secret?

Millions of girls all around the world dreamed of strutting down the catwalk on Victoria Secret Fashion show but only 33 lucky girls will be given the chance to experience their dream. It is a moment to impress and compete among the many.

Victoria Secret tradition hits TV screens on November 30 which will be aired in CBS. It is the majestic revelation of the year’s fantasy bra, the naming of the model who shall wear it, and the revelation of the price figure attached to it.

Modelled by Adriana Lima, 2010’s fantasy bra has been dubbed the ‘Bombshell Fantasy Bra’. This fantasy bra has a jawdropping price of US$2 million dollars.

The price is designed to catch attention, not to be sold. And once again, they will again do just that when the Victoria’s Secret 2010 fashion show hits the catwalk on Tuesday, 30 November, 2010.

Raven-Symone Is Not Happy With Her Weightloss

Weightloss is almost everybody’s dream. Losing an inch or two off our waists means victory. But only one person in this world who isn’t raving its weightloss is Ravens-Symone an American actress, singer, songwriter, comedienne, dancer, television producer, and model.

Raven-Symone’s new figure debuted at the People’s Choice Awards on Jan. 5

“I thought I looked fabulous before and nobody else did. So, whatever.”, says former Disney Stay in an interview with People Magazine.

Raven is not comfortablewith her slimmer body. “Actually, now I wear bigger clothes because I don’t like the way people stare at me,” she says… after wearing a tight, all-black leather ensemble to the Awards show. “Now you’re just looking at me for the wrong reasons. Before, you were actually looking at me for a real reason.”

India’s Economy Has An Impressive Rise of 8.9%

Tagged as of the fastest growing economy in the world, India’s economy surprisingly increased to 8.9 per gross domestic product growth.

D.K. Joshi, principal economist at Crisil said “Overall the economy seems to be in good shape, though the next two quarters will see a moderation from these levels…This growth is taking place despite the central bank withdrawing the easy monetary stance, in spite of the fiscal authorities also taking away part of the fiscal stimulus”.

The central bank has increased its lending rate or the repo rate, a discount at which the central bank repurchases government securities from commercial banks, by 150 basis points since mid-March to rein in inflation and a majority of analysts expect it to hold interest rates when it reviews monetary policy on Dec. 16.

Damage-Free Japan As Earthquake Hits At 6.9 Magnitude

Tokyo shook at 6.9 magnitude earthquake at 12:25 pm local time. There were no reports on injuries, deaths, damages or tsunami according to Japan’s meteorological agency.

According to the US Geological Survey, the quake’s magnitude is only at 6.6 compared to the reported 6.9. The discrepancy of the declared magnitude was not yet made clear.

Japan is one of the most earthquake-prone countries for it belongs to the Pacific Ring Of Fire. The highest magnitude ever recorded in Japan was on October 28, 1707 with the intensity of 8.6. It had struck both the Nankaido and Tokai regions, causing moderate to severe damage throughout southwestern Honshu, Shikoku and southeastern Kyushu.

Wang Bei Died During Cosmetic Surgery

Super Girl’s Wang Bei died in a cosmetic surgery accident last November 15 this year.

Wang Bei was under a “facial bone-grinding” procedure in Wuhan.During the procedure, her jaw was bleeding that led to the blocking of her windpipe that caused her to suffocate.

Wang Bei’s mother had also undergone the same surgery at the time of her death.

This incident has fueled a lot of concerns about the dangers that comes along during and after the course of operation.

The ministry sent its statement last Saturday saying “The Ministry of Health has tasked the Hubei health department to investigate and verify the situation… and to announce results of the probe to the public without delay”.

According to statistics, cosmetic surgery in China is Asia’s biggest market. The booming demand for this type of surgery has led to the proliferation of unlicensed, untrained and undertrained doctors.

Pluto: A Planet Or Not Debate Re-emerges

After years of knowing that our solar system consists of 9 planetary bodies,its been disconcerting that the iciest planet Pluto is no longer deemed as a planet but one of the icy bodies floating around the universe.

The planet Pluto was declassified from full-pledged planet to “dwarf planet,” back in 2006,just as astronomers discovered the existence of another heavenly body Eris, another icy body from Pluto’s neighborhood,a year earlier. Eris was originally thought to be bigger than Pluto until Nov. 6, when astronomers got a chance to recalculate Eris’ size.

The latest Eris findings renewed astronomers’ attention top the forgotten planet.It appears that Pluto is bigger than Eris reigns with slimmest of margins (the numbers are so close as to be nearly indistinguishable, when uncertainties are taken into account).

With this findings prompted the science world to reconsider their controversial decision to strip the frigid world of its planet status.

Should Pluto be a planet? Should Eris, and many other objects circling the sun beyond Neptune’s orbit?

Pluto’s demotion

The International Astronomical Union,in 2006,had came up with the following official definition of “planet:” A body that circles the sun without being some other object’s satellite, is large enough to be rounded by its own gravity (but not so big that it begins to undergo nuclear fusion, like a star) and has “cleared its neighborhood” of most other orbiting bodies.

In Pluto’s case,scientists discovered that the “icy planet” shares orbital space with other objects in the Kuiper Belt.

Kuiper Belt is the icy ring that is found beyond planet Neptune.

With this discovery,Pluto,can not be actually considered as a planetary body thus, the IAU recategorized Pluto, and Eris, as “dwarf planets.”

Dwarf planets are not officially full-fledged planets.

Pluto,since its discovery in 1930 has been branded as the ninth planet was stripped of from planet status after 75 years. Eight planets officially remain: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

The scientist who discovered Eris-which is about 9 billion miles (15 billion kilometers) from the sun at its farthest orbital point, making it about twice as distant as Pluto, Caltech astronomer Mike Brown, thinks Pluto’s re-classification was the right move.

“Pluto, Eris and the many other Kuiper Belt objects are far too different to be lumped in with the eight official planets,” he said.

“For one thing, they’re much smaller. Pluto is about 1,455 miles (2,342 km) wide. The smallest official planet, Mercury, is more than twice as big at 3,032 miles (4,880 km) across.

“The dwarfs’ orbits tend to be very different, too — much more elliptical and more inclined, relative to the plane of the solar system. And they’re made of different stuff, with ices comprising more of their mass.”

“It just makes no sense from a classification standpoint to take these objects that clearly belong together and pick one — or two, or a dozen — and say, ‘Oh, these belong with the very different, large, planet-like things,” Brown said.

Brown reinstated that the only explanation why early astronomers deemed Pluto as planet just because it was “first detected so long ago, before people realized that it was just one of a vast flotilla of objects beyond Neptune’s orbit.”

The Kuiper Belt ,who was seen to embody more than 1,000 icy bodies or more,wasn’t even discovered until 1992.

“It’s just a funny historical accident that we found Pluto so early, and that it was the only thing known out there for so long,” Brown told

SPACE.com. “No one in their right mind would not have called it a planet back then, because we didn’t know any better.”

“We have progressed so much further in our understanding of what the solar system is that it’s pretty obvious,” he said. “We can go back and reassess the mistakes of our ancestors.”

Some astronomers think that Pluto should take its rightful place alongside other Kuiper Belt objects rather than being classified as a planet.

Director of New York City’s Hayden Planetarium,Neil deGrasse state,”I group Pluto with the other icy bodies in the Kuiper Belt I think it’s happier there, actually. Pluto has family in the outer solar system.”

However,some unconvinced astronomers are not fully convinced with the re-classification of Pluto and the reorganization of the solar system.
Rather,they say,that the IAU’s planet definition is fundamentally flawed.

“If you take the IAU’s definition strictly, no object in the solar system is a planet,” said Alan Stern, a planetary scientist at the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colo. “No object in the solar system has entirely cleared its zone.”

“The definition also sets different standards for planethood at different distances from the sun,” according to Stern, who is principal investigator of NASA’s New Horizons mission, which is sending a spacecraft to Pluto.

“The farther away a planet is from the sun, the bigger it needs to be in order to clear its zone. If Earth circled the sun in Uranus’ orbit, it wouldn’t be able to clean out its neighborhood and would thus not qualify as a planet, Stern said.

“It’s literally laughable,” he told SPACE.com.

So Pluto should be a planet, as should Eris and the dwarf planet Ceres (the largest body in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter), as well as many other objects.

Such a definition would greatly expand the list of planets in the solar system.

“Many people think it’s special to be a planet,” Stern said.

“But adding a bunch of names to the list wouldn’t cheapen the ones that had been there forever,” he added.

“It would simply reflect astronomers’ increasing understanding of the solar system. In that understanding, small, icy planets far outnumber big gassy or rocky ones.”

“There are a large number of planets, and most of them are small,” Stern said. “It’s the Earth-like planets and the giant planets that are freakish.”

Tyson said he tries not to use the word “planet” in its generic sense, since it does not hold very much meaningful information.

“The word ‘planet’ has far outlived its usefulness,” Tyson told SPACE.com. “It doesn’t celebrate the scientific richness of the solar system.”

So Tyson thinks in categories such as gas giants (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune) and terrestrial planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars) as well as asteroids and Kuiper Belt objects (Pluto, Eris and many others).

For his part, Brown thinks stripping Pluto of its planethood doesn’t make the icy body any less interesting or important.

“I think that Pluto as an example of a large Kuiper Belt object is so much more interesting than Pluto as this very weird planet at the outer edge of the solar system unlike anything else,” Brown said. “We are going to learn so much more about the solar system with our new understanding of what Pluto is.”

Bristol Palin Causes Tension On Dancing With The Stars Production

BRISTOL Palin,the second and eldest daughter of the former American Vice-President candidate Sarah Palin, is worried about her safety.

According to recent reports, the 20-year-old teenage mother of one, who is currently enjoying her stint on Dancing With the Stars, has strengthened her security right after receiving a threatening letter containing suspicious white powder at the show’s production office Friday.

This prompted tension among the show’s production and security team as they are concerned with the safety-not just Bristol’s but also for everyone else.

“Everyone is on high alert,” an insider said. “It’s like a scene from The Bodyguard, with Bristol playing the leading lady.

“Nowhere in the world is going to be more secure than the Dancing set on Monday.

“The audience will all go through extreme security checks and not even the president of the United States could get backstage without the appropriate credentials that evening.

“This is a dancing competition, for god’s sake. None of us signed up for this. We should just be worrying about getting the best shots and making sure all our lighting cues are tight, now we are all worrying about our safety. It’s just not right.”

Moreover, Bristol,who is hailed as Teen Abstinence spokesperson,may end up with millions after Dancing With The Stars.

“Bristol could get endorsements, book contracts and TV show offers,” says one insider.

“Like her or not, everyone is talking about her.

“Such a connection with TV viewers pretty well assures Bristol a career if she wants to hop, skip and jump on it.

“She has consistently improved and people can relate to how hard she has worked.

“Bristol is young and hard working. She could remain in high profile situations, or just take this experience back to Alaska and use it to highlight the issues she cares about.”

Cambodian Stampede caused more than 300 lives: Speculations on electrocution denied

What must have been a happy day turn out to be one of tragic events that had happened to the people in Cambodia!

Monday-As hundreds of people who went out of their homes and took part in a festival in the capital ended up with great lamentations and grief to the citizens of the country.

A stampede broke out in the said festival that costed more than 300 lives and hundreds of injured victims

As reported,festival goers were panic-stricken as they traversed through congested and densely packed bridge, prompted majority of them were crushed underfoot or fell over the sides during the final day of the Water festival.

An eye-witness who arrived shortly after the stampede broke out described the scene said, there were “bodies stacked on bodies”.

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen,expressed his lamentations and revealed that there were 339 people who have been killed and 329 were left wounded.

Moreover,according to the State television,that the majority of the fatality were women.Out of the 300+ victims,at least 240 of the victims were women,according to reports from two city hospitals.

In a report by Reuters,ambulances were at their optimum speed as they went back and forth between the river (the stampede scene) and the hospitals hours after the tragedy. Dead bodies and the heavily wounded victims were promptly taken away from the scene and what was left from what was supposed to be one of the main highlights of the festivities were an ocean of shoes and clothes which were left behind by the living and the dead.

Rescuers also looked around the vicinity and in the river to search for casualties that might have drowned or needs rescue.

Victims were rushed to Calmette hospital,Phnom Penh’s main medical facility,which were filled to box-office with bodies as well as patients, some of whom had to be treated in hallways. One doctor said the two major causes of death were suffocation and electrocution.

However,despite medical suggestions that some of the victims died out of electrocution by the lights installed on the bridge,the national government of Cambodia insisted that neither happened and no one was victimized with faulty wiring.

As projected,death figures may escalate as hospitals became overwhelmed with the staggering numbers of the heavily wounded.

The Prime Minister released a statement during third of three post-midnight live television broadcasts,stated that he had ordered an investigation and declared that Thursday would be a national day of mourning.

According to the Cambodian embassy official in Washington,4 million people had flooded on Phnom Penh for the three-day water festival, as the festival marks the end of the rainy season and with most anticipated traditional boat races as its main attraction.

Early Monday evening,the last race had ended.The pandemonium started later on Koh Pich Diamond Island, where a concert was being held. As the people pushed their way to escape the island, part of the crowd pushed on to a bridge, which also jammed up, with people falling under others and into the water.

Paris Hilton Arrested For Possession Of Cocaine

According to TMZ, Paris Hilton was arrested last night for allegedly in possession of cocaine. Her boyfriend Cy Waits were arrested with her for charges of Driving Under the Influence.

Paris was shortly after her arrest and has hired Las Vegas hotshot legal attorney David Chesnoff.

But Paris Hilton plead that the purse that contained the cocaine is not hers.

You’ll recall Paris used the “the-drugs-weren’t-mine” defense in South Africa last month, after being detained by police. No charges were filed against her.

As for the Vegas case, as far as we know she was the only woman in the car that was stopped, but she had been partying at a club prior to the bust where other women and purses were present.

North Korea Has Built An Ultra-Modern Nuclear Facility

According to New York Times, an American nuclear scientist said that North Korea secretly and speedily built a large new facility to enrich uranium.

Siegfried Hecker, the scientist, told NY Times in an interview that he was “stunned” by the sophistication of the enrichment facility which included hundreds of newly installed centrifuges which he described as “ultra-modern control room.”

Hecker is a professor at Stanford University and former director of the Los Alamos National Laboratory. He privately informed the White House of his findings a few days ago, said the newspaper in an account published late Saturday on its Web site.

Hecker previously described the construction by the North Korean regime of an experimental light-water reactor, confirming satellite photographs that had recently been made public.

But Hecker has made no mention of the discovery of a new uranium enrichment operation that can be used to produce weapons grade material. He told the NY Times that the North Koreans claimed 2,000 centrifuges had already been installed and were running.

It was not made unclear as to why the North provided Hecker with access to the facility and attempts to reach him were unsuccessful.

During the last international inspection was made, US officials are certain no such facility existed in April 2009.

The Obama administration could use the information gathered by Hecker as evidence that North Korea continues to forge ahead with its nuclear program in violation of United Nations mandates.