President Obama accepts health care proposals from GOP

Stating in a letter that he is willing to consider several of their ideas in a compromise plan, President Obama extended a bipartisan olive branch to GOP leaders in the health care debate Tuesday

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky, said the president’s ideas were little more than a few items “inadequately addressed in a 2,700-page bill.”

The president also said that his decision to consider the GOP ideas was a result of last week’s health care summit.

President Obama is set to lay out a political road map for passage of sweeping health care legislation on Wednesday, according to White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs.

Among other things, Obama is expected to advocate for an “up or down vote” in Congress if necessary.

To be specific, President Obama said he may be willing to:

  • Boost Medicaid reimbursements to doctors in certain states
  • Include language in the final bill ensuring certain high-deductible health plans can be offered in the health exchange
  • Commit $50 million to fund state initiatives designed to reduce medical malpractice costs
  • Allow undercover investigations of health care providers receiving Medicare, Medicaid and other federal programs

Obama’s midweek remarks will also deal with the substance of health care reform, Gibbs said. White House aides said the president’s speech will largely mirror the nearly $1 trillion compromise package he laid out one week ago.

Air New Zealand offers couples beds in economy class

This is another breakthrough from Air New Zealand. They have unveiled what it calls the first major improvement in economy class travel comfort in 20 years – beds. The beds are formed by foot-rests rising to the level of three adjacent seats. A blanket and loose normal-sized pillows complete the arrangement.

Passengers would need to buy the three seats together. The passengers would also need to be ready to sleep together in small families or couples.

The airline’s “Skycouch” follows a wildly successful safety campaign by the company in May 2009, which featured well-formed cabin staff wearing nothing but body paint.

Developed in-house by Air New Zealand (ANZ) designers and engineers, about a quarter of all long-haul economy seats will convert to Skycouches.

They will take up the first 11 rows in the economy cabin of the airline’s new Boeing 777-300 planes

So if you want to travel in the sky while sleeping with your love ones and “friends”, they you should board Air New Zealand now.

PlayStation 3 hacked by a US iPhone Cracker

A US hacker who gained notoriety for unlocking Apple’s iPhone as a teenager is now bragging that he hacked Sony’s PlayStation 3 (PS3).

George Hotz, the hacker, sad that his hack could allow people to run pirated games or homemade software. It took him 5 weeks to hack Playstation 3.

He said he was still refining the technique but intended to post full details online soon.

The PS3 is the only games console that has not been hacked, despite being on the market for three years.

Mr Hotz said that he had begun the hack last summer when he had spent three weeks analysing the hardware.

After a long break, he spent a further two weeks cracking the console, which he described as a “very secure system”.

Recent versions of the PS3 do not have the ability to play PS2 games after Sony controversially removed a piece of hardware.

He admitted that it could also allow people to run pirated games.

Feel the Freedom of Debt Rescue

Image by eyewashdesign A. Golden
Image by eyewashdesign A. Golden

Heavy with debt

In my experience, getting into debt is a bit like becoming overweight. Both conditions don’t happen overnight – they tend to creep up gradually while your back is proverbially turned. The other characteristic these afflictions (and I don’t choose that word lightly) have in common is that it’s much easier to get into them, than to escape. Just like weight loss, getting out of debt is difficult to manage on your own. Thankfully, there are experts who can help. Just like Slimming World and Weight Watchers which help count the calories and develop meal plans, professional debt solution teams can help quantify debt and put together manageable repayment agreements.

‘D’ stands for ‘denial’

I didn’t consider myself to be someone vulnerable to debt. As a kid, I was pretty careful with my money and thought I really understood its value. But when I left college with student debt I realised that this was a common situation to be in. I was far from alone with my new found ‘debtor’ status, and began to get more comfortable with the idea of owing money. My problem was that I got far too comfortable.

I was one of the lucky ones who got a job straight out of school, but like most first jobs, it wasn’t going to make my fortune. With my student debt pushed firmly to the back of my mind, I guess I got a taste for spending. And with credit far too freely available, boy could I spend! Before I knew where I was, I had credit card debts and a couple of sizeable personal loans to keep my student costs company. But again, my case wasn’t unusual, and I thought I could handle it.

Ignorance isn’t really bliss
As the debts accrued and my financial health declined, I did the worst thing possible – I ignored the entire problem. I kept on acting rich, when my paycheck told a very different tale. I thought that as long as I made my minimum payments, everything would be okay.

By this stage, my family were worried – having seen the obvious disconnect between my meagre salary and my upscale purchases – but I ignored their pleas for me to address the situation. Avoidance became my watchword.

The day of reckoning
The crunch came when I lost my job. Like many people in the early days of the recession, I didn’t see it coming. I never thought it would happen, and I certainly hadn’t factored this possibility into my lack of planning for the ever accumulating debt. I panicked. I lurched from anger at the injustice of the situation to fear of how I would manage. But most of all I wanted to escape – I needed debt rescue!
As I sat in my apartment and analysed the scale of the challenge I faced, I knew that I couldn’t do it on my own. I knew that I had to change how I lived my life and managed my money, but I just didn’t know where to start. Surely, someone out there had trod this path before and could show me a few short cuts? Thankfully, a former colleague recommended a professional debt solution team.

Bring in the experts
Asking for help from the debt solution team was the strongest decision I ever took – this was the first time that I actually owned the problem. As experts in consumer Debt Rescue, they offered me a range of services to help get my finances back in order. Thankfully, I had got another job by this stage, but it paid even less than my previous position, so I took the difficult decision to move back to my parents home. I was lucky to have this safety net – with over a third of us only one paycheck away from homelessness, I don’t underestimate the difference my parents’ generous offer made.

The condition of my return to the parental nest was that I took control of the debt. The debt solution team carried out a comprehensive credit card analysis for me as well as my other spiralling financial obligations. They knew that for me, the best course of action was to purge the plastic altogether and so offered me credit card rescue.

Debt consolidation allowed me to combine all the debts into one, and then work out the a realistic and achievable repayment schedule. Putting together a plan showed me that the problem, while large, was not insurmountable, and gave me an end point at which I could see I would be entirely debt free.

Released by Debt Rescue
I’m now close to the end of my debt story. I’ve worked through the process set up for me by the debt solution team and am close to being debt free. Although I am thankful for the safety net my parents provided, I am about to move into a new apartment, which we are all delighted about!

Debt rescue is achievable, with the right help. Take action today! Do it because it will allow you to really live again – but this time within the bounds of financial reality.

Author bio: Israel Brown enjoys economics and history, and combining these passions, yearns for a time when global financial systems were more transparent. He enjoys writing about the past, and is glad to consign his Debtrescue experience to history. He looks forward to a debt free future, underwritten by a modest investment in gold.


Playstation Network Down: How to Fix PS3 Error Code 8001050F

All PS3 users around the world are annoyed of this latest error from PS3. The error code 8001050F is the so-called error of the century. John Morgan, an avid PS3 player said during an interview that “This is the worst Playstation 3 error that I’ve encountered so far and still, it has no fix from Sony for almost 24 hours now”.

Many PS3 users around the globe are now ranting in Twitter, Facebook, and other well-known social networks. This is really a big problem, specially when you’re a PS3 addict.

There are temporary fixes available in the web, but it will just waste your time. Just like this joke. At first, you thought it’s the fix that you’re looking for, but you’re just dragged into joke town.

To be honest, there’s no fix for error code 8001050F. All we need to do now is pray and be patient. Let’s do hope that God will help Sony fix this problem.

For the meantime, let’s just sit and relax and play offline games with our PS3. Just turn on your console and disable your router, so that it will not attempt to connect to the internet and you can play with your games offline.