Oscars 2010 Best and Worst Dressed Celebrities

Oscars 2010 Best and Worst Dressed Celebrities. In any award giving events, there is always a red carpet event wherein fashion critics are given chances to take a look at each of the celebrity’s outfit.

They would judge every detail of what they’re wearing and would categorize them as either worst or best dressed. It’s not enough how expensive your dress is, it is on the way you carry it.

As the celebrities enter the hall, flashes of cameras and a crowd of photographers would welcome them as they pose their best angles and show their outfits. In events likes this, fashion icons are are dressing up their choice of celebrities as a way also of telling the audience how great their creations are.

In this year’s Oscars, many personalities has been so stunning but not all of them are good to look at. Let’s start with worst dressed.

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Antonio Vivaldi inspired today’s Google Doodle

Google made another Doodle for Antonio Vivaldi because today is his birthday. So who the hell is Antonio Vivaldi and why he is worthy to have his very own Google doodle? There are so many musicians out there, but why did Google choose Vivaldi?

Antonio Vivaldi was a Venetian baroque composer and priest, as well as a famous virtuoso violinist, born and raised in the Republic of Venice.

His most famous work is Le quattro stagioni (The Four Seasons) of 1723. In essence, it resembles an early example of a tone poem, where he attempted to capture all the moods of the four seasons. It’s his best-known work and is representative of the baroque period in European art music.

He has 46 operas and 90 sonatas which is quite a record and nobody ever achieved that much number of operas and sonatas in the history of mankind. Over 500 Vivaldi concertos exists today, as well as 40 cantatas, 22 operas, and more than 60 sacred works.

So is that enough to be worthy of a Google Doodle?

It’s not just that. Vivaldi’s music was innovative in its time, breaking a consolidated tradition in schemes; he gave brightness to the formal and the rhythmic structure of the concerto, repeatedly looking for harmonic contrasts and innovative melodies and themes; many of his compositions reflect a flamboyant, and almost playful exuberance.

Vivaldi is considered one of the composers who brought baroque music to evolve into a classical style.

The Bachelor Finale 2010: How did Pavelka proposed to Girardi?

The Bachelor Season this 2010 has finally ended as Pavelka proposed to Girardi. But the same question about couples has been repeated over and over again in the world wide web. Will they be happy forever? Will they live happily ever after?

The Bachelor: On The Wings of Love. In this emotional special conclusion, Jake prepared to make one of the most difficult choices of this life.

His search for love was narrowed down to two very different women – Tenley and Vienna – and he fell in love with both of them.

After having his family meet them on the exotic island of St. Lucia, he made one final heart-wrenching decision that changes his life forever

Everyone loves the pair and they are very supportive of Pavelka and Girardi.

I also love the couple, because they look so good with each other. I really do hope that their relationship will last forever.

So how did Pavelka proposed to Girardi? If you wanna know how, then read this:

“This has been an incredible journey, and I can’t believe it’s come to this, but I know what’s in my heart and I know what I’m doing is right,” Jack said before proposing Vienna and proposes her.

“Yes! Yes!” Vienna said and accepted his proposal. “I’m so happy right now!”

“There’s one final thing. Vienna, will you accept this final rose?” Jake asked the couple had celebrated their engagement with a kiss.

“I’m in love with you,” Jake said.

“I am so in love with you,” Vienna replied.

Those sweet words will be cherished forever by both. We really do hope that Pavelka and Girardi will live happily ever after.

The Bachelor Season Finale this 2010 will really be a success if Pavelka and Girardi will be together forever.

So now you know how did Pavelka proposed.

U.S. plans to shift their troops in Afghanistan for a bigger role

The United States government to shift their plans for their elite units in Paktika Province, Afghanistan, to play a bigger role. They want to lower down its combat role in Afghanistan a year earlier than expected relies on shifting responsibility to Special Operations forces that hunt insurgent leaders and train local troops.

This news is according to senior officials and military officers from the Pentagon. The US armed forces could remain in Afghanistan after the NATO mission ends in late 2014. This plan was already approved by the president Obama. He also sent 32,000 more troops in Afghanistan last week.

American conventional forces will be the first to leave, while thousands of American Special Operations forces remain, making up an increasing percentage of the troops on the ground. The number of troops to be assigned in Afghanistan will relatively grow in the months to come.

Officials and military planners from the Pentagon say the new plan for Afghanistan is not a direct action to the deteriorating conditions in Iraq. The planned shift could give Mr. Obama a political shield against attacks from his Republican rivals in the presidential race who have already begun criticizing him for moving too fast to extract troops from Afghanistan.

The officials from the White House confirmed in broad terms the shift to a Special Operations mission, and said a formal announcement on the future of the mission was expected at the May summit meeting of NATO leaders in Chicago.

Currently, the U.S. has around 90,000 troops in Afghanistan, with 22,000 of them expected to leave by this fall. No schedule has been set for the pace of withdrawal for the 68,000 American troops who will remain in Afghanistan. Some administration officials are advocating for Mr. Obama to order another reduction by the summer of 2013.

Star Wars: Force Unleashed II Released Today!

Finally! The most awaited Star Wars: Force Unleashed sequel is released today! A lot of gamers are so excited to have a copy of this newly released Star Wars game. It’s officially released today in North America, and 3 days after, it will be released in Europe. In just a few days after the first release, this game will be available worldwide!

You can secure a copy now in your favorite game reseller shops. Those who pre-ordered the game can also get their copy today! For those who wants to order the game on Amazon, click here. If you want to buy it on Gamestop, click here.

Force Unleased 2 is available in six different platforms. You can have a copy of FU2 for your PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC (Microsoft Windows), Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, and iOS.

This sequel features new skins for Force powers that appear in The Force Unleashed, new Force powers, dual light sabers for the player’s character, a new audio system, and an improved rendering system providing richer colors.

This game is a must-have specially to those who are a big fan of Playstation Move, as this game supports the Playstation Move Motion and Navigation controllers.

LucasArts will never disappoint us with this game. It’s only 720p, but it’s ok. It doesn’t look bad if your HDTV is not more than 70″. I’ve tried 720p games in my 60″ HDTV and it’s not that obvious if you compare it with videos at 1080p resolution.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your copy of Star Wars: Force Unleashed 2 now!

Zed appeals for sincere re-look at non-violence on “International Day of Non-Violence”

World needed to sincerely re-look at non-violence, Hindu statesman Rajan Zed stated in his message for “International Day of Non-Violence” marked by United Nations on peace icon Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday which falls on October two.

Rajan Zed, who is President of Universal Society of Hinduism, pointed out that non-violence was held as one of the greatest virtues in Hinduism and expressed the sacredness of life. Let us take a vow on this day to lead our lives without hurting others, Zed added in his statement issued in Nevada (USA) today.

Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948) was one of the few men in history to fight simultaneously on moral, religious, political, social, economic, and cultural fronts. He is held in high esteem globally for his philosophy of non-violence, his commitment to world peace, and his work for the upliftment of the downtrodden.

We’ve Got Our Eye on QB’s in Second Week as Starters

Those engaged in NFL betting have to be keenly aware of who is at the trigger of the league’s offenses; several QB’s made their season debut last Sunday, and we’ve got our eye on them as they move into their second week as starters. Sometimes it’s a flash in the pan, but sometimes it’s also the kind of spark that can ignite an offense. Three of these guys will be at the helm of NFL betting underdogs this weekend.

Charlie Batch did a great job for the Steelers against the Bucs, which confounded many NFL bettors, including myself. he went 17 for 28 for 211 yards a three touchdowns, though we should note that he threw a pair of interceptions. He got the nod to start again on Sunday against Baltimore. Mike Tomlin said, “We won last week. That’s a good place to start.” Yup. Batch will warm the seat until Ben Roethlisberger returns from his four-game suspension, and he was chosen for that ahead of Brian Leftwich. The Steelers are 1.5-point NFL betting favorites over Baltimore this Sunday.

Ryan Fitzpatrick seemed to light a fire under the Buffalo offense, hitting 20 of 28 passes for 247 yards. That was good for a 92.4 quarterback rating, which is better than he chalked up the last couple of seasons (70.0 and 69.7) for the Bengals and Bills. You have to remember that Fitzpatrick was not unfamiliar with being Buffalo’s starter; he threw 227 passes last year, with nine TD’s. When the Bills’ training camp began, there was supposed to be a battle between Fitzpatrick and Trent Edwards for the starting job, but it was more or less given to Edwards. Chan Gailey must have seen that as a mistake during the opener against Miami, and he liked what he saw out of the Harvard guy against New England. So did some of the players. “He did a great job out there operating the offense and keeping the defense off the field,” rookie C.J. Spiller told the Boston Globe.

Gailey obviously seems confident enough in Fitzpatrick (he’s also got Brian Brohm on the roster) that he placed Trent Edwards on waivers rather than wait around and try to make a trade for him. There was intense interest in Edwards, and it seemed rather coincidental. It came from the Jets (laying 5.5 points to the Bills in NFL betting this week) and Jaguars, who happen to be Buffalo’s next two opponents. Jacksonville won out, and they’ll get the benefit of Edwards’ insight before they play the Bills. that kind of thing goes around in the NFL.

Bruce Gradkowski completed just half his passes, but helped to keep the Raiders in the game and with a chance to win. His was probably the strangest quarterback change of last week, since Oakland was so excited about acquiring Jason Campbell in the off-season. But the Toledo alum is known among the players as someone who brings some energy into the huddle, something he demonstrated last year when subbing for JaMarcus Russell, who was benched. The Raiders are a three-point home underdog in NFL betting as the Texans come to town. Houston is giving up more than nine yards a pass attempt, so a lot of people are using Gradkowski in their fantasy leagues.

Starlets are Setting Their Sights on James Holzier

James Holzier is now getting more and more famous! His fans are popping up at his door in California and Texas. Who can blame them with all this Hollywood buzz on him?

A bevy of starlets and fans are learning about Mr. Holzier through fan sites and major celebrity sites across the world wide web.

Superstar Gossip just wrote a full length article on him and is now loaded with fans proposing to Holzier. Starlets are taking note too – “He is so likeable,” says a close source.

The young actor has secured a large following and is on the lips of every major studio for contracts. The actor was named on Fandango.com as one of the most popular emerging male celebrities.

He has already been linked to several starlets according to famoushookups.com, Lyndsy Fonseca, from the feature film Kick Ass,Lilly Collins, Anne Hathaway, just to name a few!

James should get used to this as most major media are tired of sparkle vampires and jean werewolves. Holzier is a new actor that is blazing on the radar in Hollywood.

Oscars 2010 Results: 82nd Annual Academy Awards Winners List

The 82nd Annual Academy Awards Winners list, also known as the Oscars 2010 Results has been released. Many movie fanatics didn’t expect the results of this year’s Oscars. Just like Avatar fans, they really expected that Avatar will be the one who will receive most awards, specially the 2010 Best Film, but The Hurt Locker defeated the Blue Aliens from Pandora.

I haven’t seen The Hurt Locker yet. I think it’s a good movie. Check out their poster below:

I was surprised that they’ve dominated the Oscars 2010. This enticed me to watch The Hurt Locker and judge the movie myself if it really deserves on stomping out of Avatar from its destiny.

Check out this article by Amanda Roverfield for the list of Oscar 2010 winners.

NCAA 2010 Printable Bracket available in different formats

This March 2010 is March Madness month. Yes, because it’s March and everyone’s mad. So if everyone’s mad, everyone’s happy. And if everyone’s happy, everybody is having fun. And if everybody is having fun, they are looking for the NCAA 2010 Bracket. Yes they are! Really! Oh please, don’t deny it.

But they are not satisfied to just look on the bracket in front of their computers. They want a printable one. They want to print the bracket on paper so that they can look at it easily. It’s easier to stare on the paper than on your PC, because the radiation is less, I mean, there’s no radiation at all.

Your eyes won’t be tired staring on a paper than on a monitor right?

So you want an NCAA 2010 Printable Bracket right? In PDF format? Or in GIF? You can also have one JPG format or in any other format if you want.

If you know how to use Photoshop, or any other photo editing software, you can easily convert GIF to JPG, PNG, or any other format you want.

But if you really want to print a clear copy of the the NCAA 2010 printable bracket, I suggest you to save a copy of this PDF file and print it. PDF files are flexible, you can zoom it up to 500% to 1000% without pixelating it. It will remain sharp and clear.